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Basics of Dog Breed: Continental Toy Spaniel

Basics of Dog Breed: Continental Toy Spaniel

Continental Toy Spaniel,also called Butterfly Spaniel, Spaniel Moth, Papillon dog. The Continental Toy Spaniel is a robust dog despite its small size. This little spaniel is harmoniously structured, slightly longer than the height. Giving an impression of vivacity and grace, the Papillon Epagneul is proud of its easy pace and distinguished approach. There are 2 varieties of the Continental Toy Spaniel: the butterfly (right ears) and the moth (drooping ears).

Race history of Continental Toy Spaniel

The first references to the race of the Continental Toy Spaniel date back to medieval times. It would have been produced by reducing the size of the Hunting Spaniel. His close cousin, the Moth variety , is even older. The Butterfly Spaniel seems to have been developed towards the end of the 19th century . It was particularly popular with wealthy families and royal courts. The breed was definitively recognized by the FCI on January 1st, 1954.

Physical characteristics of Continental Toy Spaniel

Its hair: long, abundant, shiny, wavy without being curly, slightly resistant and planted flat. Short at the face, muzzle, front of the legs and the underside of the hock.
Its color: white background associated with any color. The white must remain dominant all over the body, except on the head.
Its head: round, expressive, lighter and shorter in proportion than in the large and middle spaniels. The stop is quite accentuated.
Its ears: tied back on the head, well apart (enough to highlight the roundness of the head). Straight-lined, fringed, the conch well opened and turned, evoking the shape of the open wings of a butterfly.
Its eyes :large, well opened, in almonds, placed low and dark in color.
Its body: top line neither short, not too arched, not flat, kidney solid and moderately arched, broad chest and descended slightly, bottom line slightly raised.
Its tail: long, well trimmed, tied high, worn high when the dog is awake. Never rolled, nor lying flat on the back.

Continental Toy Spaniel's behavior with others

The Continental Toy Spaniel is characterized by its vivacity, its extraordinary joie de vivre and its constant search for expressions of affection. Extremely attached to his master , he is an excellent companion dog that is distinguished by its softness and tenderness, but also by its mischievous playful side . He is, moreover, quite discreet: he is not a great barker, nor gifted for the guard, even if certain subjects can be quite good alarms. What is sought after in the Continental Toy Spaniel is above all its kindness and cheerfulness.

Education of Continental Toy Spaniel

For this kind of dog, it is recommended to give him an education that is both firm and gentle. One may, in fact, want to spoil him, so much  he knows how to use his charm and sweetness . It is advisable, on the contrary, to show him  the limits early enough  so that he is a very good companion, pleasant and docile. It is a dog that adapts very easily to all kinds of situations.

Living conditions of Continental Toy Spaniel

Clean, discreet, quiet and small, the Continental Toy Spaniel is perfectly adapted to living in an apartment. An urban environment suits him just as much as a country lifestyle. It is suitable for all kinds of masters, especially the elderly that it helps fight loneliness.

Health of Continental Toy Spaniel

The reduced dimensions of the Continental Toy Spaniel are misleading: it is a small dog with rather solid health. It enjoys, in addition, a good life expectancy. However, he is afraid of hot weather and may be prone to certain ear infections if his ears are neglected.

Maintenance and hygiene of Continental Toy Spaniel

The Continental Toy Spaniel remains subject to an annual moult , but this dog requires little maintenance despite its abundant hair. It is easy to clean and is not particularly fragrant.

It is recommended to  brush the dog 2 to 3 times a week  outside molting periods and every day during these periods.

Physical activity of Continental Toy Spaniel

The Continental Toy Spaniel enjoys daily walks  and the opportunity to indulge in some exercises. Rather talented for the obstacle course, he loves agility events and games with his master.

Price and budget of Continental Toy Spaniel

The purchase price of a Continental Toy Spaniel is between 800€ and 1300€.