Basics of Dog Breed: Coton de Tulear

Posted on December 04 2018

Basics of Dog Breed: Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear is a small dog, quite lively and very intelligent, perfectly built and muscular.

Race history

Coton de Tulear has its origins in the region of Tuléar in southern Madagascar . Like many breeds, the history of this breed remains uncertain. Nevertheless, his offspring with various types of Bichon, present on commercial vessels of French settlers in the 16th century , is obvious. The first specimen brought back to France dates from 1977. The standard of the breed was recognized in 1970.

Physical characteristics

Its hair : fine may be slightly wavy. As the name suggests, its coat has a cottony texture.
Its color : mainly white, which can reveal gray or tawny spots on the ears.
Its head : triangular shape seen from above. The skull is bulging and the muzzle is shorter than the skull.
Its ears : thin, drooping, triangular and about 7 cm long.
Its eyes : round, dark and sparkling His body: short on legs with a body a little longer than high
Its tail : tied very low, but when the dog is excited, it is bent over his back.

Behavior with others

Coton de Tulear is a very nice dog of character , affectionate and cheerful . It's the perfect pet. Player and spontaneous with his master as with children, this dog can be suspicious of strangers. He does not like loneliness and needs a presence with him. It embodies the ideal compromise to coexist several animals in a home.


Seductive in the soul , this dog  requires a certain firmness . Cunning as he is, he  knows how to use his charms to get what he wants . Sometimes you have to master his  extravagance , because he is a curious dog and always full of energy. Very intelligent, he quickly assimilates the orders given to him. Once acquired, he will preserve them all his life.

Living conditions

Coton de Tulear remains a very adaptable pet dog . He can live in an apartment as well as in a house. It harmonizes very easily with your lifestyle provided you do not forget his walk.


This dog enjoys excellent health . Very strong and of good constitution , Coton de Tulear remains subject to allergies causing itching of the skin up to the risk of bacterial infection.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Coton de Tulear coat requires a lot of attention . An almost daily brushing is essential to prevent irreversible nodes . If the dog's fluffy hair is not regularly maintained, even a professional groomer will not be able to do anything about it. He will then be forced to shave it. Finally, this breed knows no seasonal moult , just a very small loss of hair all year round.

A brushing almost daily is required with a bath per month approximately to preserve the texture of his hair and his plush appearance. Coton de Tulear must be used to this lifestyle at a young age. Brushing will quickly become a beautiful moment of sharing between the dog and his master. However, care must be taken to use a shampoo adapted to his hair and dry it properly with a hair dryer.

Physical activity

Coton de Tulear needs, like all dogs, to exercise. His constant good humor often leads him to play games with his teacher or children. It is also a fan of walks and especially swimming .

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