Basics of Dog Breed: Cursinu

Posted on December 03 2018

Basics of Dog Breed: Cursinu

Race history

The breed was recently recognized by the Societe Centrale Canine in 2003 and then obtained its final affiliation in 2012 by opening the Book of Origins of the breed (LOF) and genealogical follow-up. His presence has been recorded on the Isle of Beauty since the 16th century.

It is a rustic country dog. He accompanied the herds and was the guardian of the sheep , or of the property. But it is also found in hunting action or warrior dog. The collapse of the pastoral world and research specialist dogs failed to make it disappear. Fortunately, under the impetus of a handful of fans in 1984 Cursinu backup Association was founded and obtained the support of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. Hunting Federations of the island undertake a safeguarding action. It has become a real marker of Corsican identity and is part of the living heritage.

Physical characteristics

Its hair  : well furnished, short or medium-length sometimes with fringes.
Its color  : the most widespread is the brindle fawn. All shades of tan existent (charbonné sand, black marked fawn). It may also have white spots on the chest and extremities.
Its head  : flat skull with salient eyebrows. She has a large truffle and thin lips. Profile, the chamfer may be straight or slightly convex.
Its ears  : of medium length and triangular. They are tied up (above or at eye level). It is possible that they are falling.
Its eyes  : nutty and oval.
Its body : straight and with a powerful musculature. It has a slightly inclined rump. It presents no heaviness.
Its tail : must at least reach the hock or beyond. On its inside, the hair is longer. It is worn drooping, but can also be rolled up partially or totally.

Behavior with others

The Cursinu is a versatile working dog . It is found in wild boar, fox and rabbit hunting, but it can also be used as a sheepdog or used for research and taking animals  in freedom. The Cursinu is a faithful dog , but also very proud . He is very attached to his master and the close family. He is suspicious of strangers , making him an excellent watchdog.

He is calm and balanced , he knows how to take initiatives. He is courageous , dynamic and lively. He has always developed a strong ability to adapt. If he is well socialized at a young age he can easily accept all other animals cats, horses, ferrets ... But only those of the house.

It is also found in wild boar hunters, some shepherds, but also in search of blood, in the middle of horses, in digging (search for truffles). It can also be found in canicross activities, cani-vtt, mantrailing (search for missing persons) and agility.


Active and intelligent, the Cursinu must be educated in a positive and respectful way . His susceptibility will make him a difficult dog if you try to submit him. It is essential from a younger age to get used to natural tracking and to look for you. He can leave on a track quickly, but used to looking, he will find you without difficulty.

The relationship you need to develop must be based on respect , well-being and trust . It is a dog that deserves to have an active owner , but also respectful able to impose a frame without physical constraint. To meet his needs, it is necessary to leave him at maximum freedom , and to let him express his motive patterns (hunting, flock) to a minimum. His "work" done at least two hours a day, he will become a calm dog and salon. He is  always vigilant about his family (human or animal).

Living conditions

If it is called to live in an apartment, the Cursinu must imperatively be long walk , because it is more done to live in outdoor spaces . With his past as a farm dog, he needs great freedom of movement. A house with large garden , but without forgetting the daily outings would suit him perfectly.

The ideal environment for this dog is the countryside . He will leave his master for nothing in the world and could even find himself too much glue at times. So, needless to leave it out all day . He will love the comfort of the interior, as long as his master is next.


The Cursinu is a robust dog . It does not present any particular health problem . His diet is to watch, because this dog must not be particularly corpulent.

Maintenance and hygiene

Short-haired Cursinu does not require much maintenance . The long-haired variety , on the other hand, needs to be maintained more often , especially during moulting.

 It is recommended to brush the dog at a steady pace , especially in the medium-long hair variety that needs to be brushed daily. The grooming is not necessary if properly maintained.


The Cursinu is ideal in terms of food. He does not eat too much and does not want to be difficult . His diet should be balanced and healthy to avoid being overweight . A diet based on high quality croquettes is essential. He can be added raw meat which he loves.

Physical activity

The Cursinu must be out daily and have a sniffing activity , run , or important search. He needs to run, jump, and stay active. Letting it run behind duck birds is a great activity. But letting him dig a molehill is also a way to tire him. Long walks in the forest or in nature will allow him to use all his energy to make a calm dog and posed on the way home.

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