Basics of Dog Breed: English Toy Terrier

Posted on January 04 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: English Toy Terrier

Race history of English Toy Terrier

Probably descended from the Manchester Terrier , which corresponds to a dwarf form, the English Toy Terrier was developed from the 19th century in Britain . Highly prized by wealthy English families, he was primarily employed as a darling and amenity dog. He had quickly become prominent in rat hunting contests.

Today, breed representatives are so few in Britain (only 95 to 136 entries on the registers of the English Kennel Club each year between 2004 and 2013) that the English Toy Terrier is considered an indigenous breed. vulnerable ("vulnerable native breed"). These dogs are even rarer in France. The English Toy Terrier breed was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale on September 17, 1963.

Physical characteristics of English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier is a small, well-proportioned dog with a compact and elegant appearance. Harmoniously built, it presents a silhouette with pure lines.

Its hair:  shiny, short, dense and tight.
Its color:  ebony black marked tawny (fire). The marks are well separated, without confusion of colors. They cover the forelegs to the carpus, with a "pencil stroke" (thin black line) up each finger and a "thumb mark" (black mark) in the center of each metacarpal and under the chin. The fire marks also cover the front and the inner side of the hind limbs, as well as the muzzle and the top of each eye.
Its head : long, narrow, wedge-shaped. The skull is flat, the stop light, the truffle black, the muzzle becoming thinner and the lips tight.
Its ears:  straight, of good length and curved, with slightly pointed ends. Attached high, relatively close together and worn straight from the age of 9 months.
Its eyes:  relatively small, almond-shaped, obliquely arranged, shiny, dark to black, without clear reflection of the iris.
Its body:  compact, proportionally and harmoniously built. The back is slightly arched, the kidney well raised and the chest close and high.
Its tail : strong in its attachment, going to the end. Attached rather low, she does not go beyond the point of the hock. Should not be worn too cheerfully.

English Toy Terrier's behavior with others

The English Toy Terrier is a dog that stands out for its vivacity and courage . Formerly used for hunting rats, he inherited from his ancestors their terrier qualities. At the same time, it displays the characteristics of the pleasure dog and companionship, with a temper docile, intelligent and happy . Very playful and affectionate , he gets along with the whole family.

Education of English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier needs early education and socialization . His taking in hand by his master must be at the same time firm and without report of force.

Living conditions of English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier adapts to all family situations and to different lifestyles , as long as it is sufficiently walked and cared for. The breed is to be avoided if you have rodents as pets, because his ratty instinct can resurface.

Health of English Toy Terrier

Despite its small size, the Toy Terrier Black and Fire enjoys a rather robust health . Be careful not to spoil the food side to not disturb its balance.

Maintenance and hygiene of English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier is a very easy care dog . Because of its short hair and small size, it does not require much effort on this point. However, he must not be neglected: his hair must remain clean and shiny, his skin protected, his eyes and ears regularly examined and cleaned.

Outings of English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier needs a minimum of daily exercise, with a good walk every day and outdoor activities.

Hygiene of English Toy Terrier

It is recommended to brush the dog every week to preserve the shine of his hair and the good health of his skin.

Price and budget of English Toy Terrier

The purchase price of an English Toy Terrier is between 1600€ and 1800€.

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