Basics of Dog Breed: Fila Brasileiro

Posted on January 05 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Fila Brasileiro

Race history

The origin of Fila Brasileiro is quite controversial. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that this Brazilian dog is derived from the mastiffs, Mastiffs and mastiffs, but also Bloodhound, which gives it an impressive flair. He arrived in Brazil in 16 th  century thanks to the Portuguese conquistadors, Dutch, Spanish and African.

The Fila Brasileiro is first used as a watchdog. He was responsible for protecting the herds against wild animals. Then, he was used as slave guard in sugar cane plantations. Also a war dog, the Fila Brasileiro was very popular with the Brazilian police, especially as a tracker.

In the 19th century, after the end of slavery, this canid was crossed with the Spanish greyhound, among others, to make her agility and speed. It was in 1946 that his standard was established by veterinarians Paulo Santos Cruz, Erwin Valdemar Rathsan  and  Joao Ebner. The  Federation Cynologique Internationale  recognizes race on 1 st  January 1960.

Physical characteristics

Its body : he has a body of molosse type. He is powerful, compact and very muscular. Nevertheless, its proportions are harmonious.   
Its hair:  he has a short hair, quite thick and well laid. Above all, he wants to be very soft to the touch.
Its color : the standard of Fila Brasileiro accepts many colors. However, mouse gray, blue, white, black and fire are prohibited. Note that brindle is accepted by the breed, as white spots on the tail.
Its head  : it is massive and proportionate to the rest of the body. The muzzle is shorter than the skull. The truffle is black is the stop is not very visible from the front.
Its eyes :They are medium in size and almond shaped. The color can be amber or dark brown. It usually goes with the Fila Brasileiro dress.     
Its ears : they are pendulous, rather broad at the base and thick.
Its tail  : it is wide at the base and diminishes as and when. The tail gets straight at the slightest excitement of the dog.

Behavior with others

Fila Brasileiro is not only a deterrent. He does not like strangers . The least intruder approaching too close to his master becomes an enemy. He may react violently if he deems it useful. It is a guard dog and protection par excellence. He is exclusively attached to his master and his adoptive family. Which will not have any problem to leave this canid with the children, because it adores them and will take care of their  surveillance without any concern.

He is also very gentle,sensitive, great lover of cuddles , a little  glue pot  even. He is especially  faithful  to his master, in whom he is totally devoted. He will not hesitate to risk his own life to save that of his owner. The loyalty is his main quality. Small bonus, he appreciates the company of other animals as well as congeners.


Attention, the Fira Brasileiro is not a dog made for neophytes in education. He demands patience, rigor and firmness. Dog guard, it also requires an education  made of softness and calm to respond to his great sensitivity. From the beginning of his life, it is important to socialize him to reduce his excessive mistrust of strangers. He will have to learn to be gentle with them. Above all, do not use aggression, otherwise you will wake up this instinct with this canine. The recall is one of the first orders to teach him. Do not hesitate to go through a professional for optimal results.

Living conditions

The Fila Brasileiro is not meant to live indoors . The apartment life is to forget. It will be much happier and flourished in a house with garden or with a large space available. He needs to spend himself daily and feel free to go wherever he wants. However, despite this degree of independence, he does not like loneliness. Alone, it will wither quickly and could sink into depression. He constantly needs the presence of his master or his family for his well-being.


Despite slow growth, which indicates with the other dogs, the Fira Brasileiro is a sensitive dog at the hip, where he can develop a dysplasia . It will take care of his  joints in the first months of his life and to calm his physical activity despite his need for energy expenditure. He is also subject to herniated discs. Then, once adult and well built, there are no restrictions on the practice of a sport. Moreover, with an iron health, he has no hereditary pathology  and is not predisposed to the development of a disease.

Maintenance and hygiene

Fila Brasileiro remains subject to permanent moulting , but its hair losses are moderate. Its maintenance is simple if it is regularly insured, but it is especially in terms of food that it can be demanding, both in quantity and quality, with balanced contributions.

The brush must be at least weekly for this dog with short hair. It should also check him and clean his ears and his eyes regularly, under penalty of seeing develop some infections. It can be bathed several times a year with a suitable shampoo, but not repeatedly so as not to alter its layer of protective sebum.


The food of Fira Brasileiro must be  rich in protein to meet his needs. It is best to give him high quality or premium kibble that will meet his energy needs and allow him to physically spend daily without risk for growth and development.

Physical activity

The Fira Brasileiro has a constant need for physical activity. The latter will be moderate during his youth, to avoid growth problems. Then, afterwards, he is the perfect companion for long bike rides, for jogging. He can be enrolled in some dog sports to strengthen a relationship that, in any case, will be very strong between him and his master.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Fila Brasileiro is between 1000€ and 1500€.
The annual maintenance cost of a Fila Brasileiro is between 1750€ and 1800€.

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