Basics of Dog Breed : Finnish Hound

Posted on November 22 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Finnish Hound

The Finnish Hound is a medium-sized hunting dog, with a tricolor dress, a body that is longer than it is high, strongly built but not heavy.

Race history

The Finnish Hound began to be  developed after the founding of the Finnish Kennel Club in 1889 . It descends from crosses between local dogs and various European common dogs. A first standard was drawn up in 1932. That of the FCI (International Cynological Federation) in force was published on July 17, 1997. The breed of the Finnish Hound was definitively recognized by the FCI on August 8, 1954. Outside from his home country, Finland, the Finnish Common Dog remains quite uncommon.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: medium length, straight, well lying, tight, rough texture. The coat is associated with a short undercoat, tight and softer.
Its color: tricolor, consisting of a black coat, intense fire color marks on the head, lower parts of the body, shoulders and thighs, as well as white marks on the head, neck, chest , on the lower part of the limbs and at the end of the tail.
Its head: rather long. The skull is of regular width and has a domed top. The stop is light, but clearly drawn. The truffle is well developed and black in color.
Its ears :flat, drooping, the anterior edge against the head and the posterior edge directed outwards. Attached at the level of the line connecting the truffle and the eyes.
Its eyes are dark brown, with a calm look.
Its body: strong but not heavy construction. The neck is of medium length, muscular and well drawn, the back of average length and straight, the rump well developed and long.
Its tail: moderately curved, tied down, it is thick at its base and goes thin towards its end. Recorded in action.

Behavior with others

The Finnish Dog is a dog with a calm , friendly and never aggressive temperament . This does not prevent him from being animated with remarkable energy, especially when it comes to indulging in his favorite activity that is hunting.


The Finnish Hound requires time and patience for his education, because obedience is not his strong point . Nevertheless, once the links between him and his master well established, he likes to learn and please him.

Living conditions

The current Finnish dog is especially good for living in the middle or near nature : country house, near a wooded area, etc. He will prefer a rural way of life to an urban setting, but in either case, it must be sufficiently walked around and stimulated on a daily basis.


The Finnish Hound is a hardy and rustic dog . There is no predisposition to a particular disease in this breed.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Finnish Regular Dog requires only minimal maintenance , consisting mainly of brushing and careful examination of the dress , eyes, ears and pads to detect and remove any debris.

It is recommended to brush the dog 1-2 times a week to remove dead hair and maintain cleanliness and appearance.

Physical activity

Since the Finnish Hound is cut for hunting , he needs daily walks to satisfy his active demand, which is still reasonable.

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