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Basics of Dog Breed : French Braque

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Posted on September 29 2018

Breed Information:

Other names: French Braque type Pyrenees, French Braque type Gascogne, French Pointing Dog
Origin:  France
FCI Group: Stop dogs
FCI number: 133
Longevity: 13 years
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

The 2 types of French Braque are from Southwest France and Central Pyrenees. Formerly known as "Braque du Pays", the French Braque has been somewhat abandoned for the benefit of dogs of British or Germanic origin. Fans of the breed have worked to preserve and improve it, supporting its qualities in hunting action to bring its performance closer to that of other dogs. The French Braque of the Gascogne type and the French Pointer of the Pyrenees type were definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in January 1955. Their official FCI standards in force were published in May 1988.

Physical characteristics

The French Braque  is a mediocre, braccooid-type, powerful, sturdy dog ​​with strong limbs and a noble appearance and attitude. There are 2 types in this breed: the French Braque type Gascogne, which is large, and the  French Braque type Pyrenees, smaller. His hair: thick and dense. Thinner at the head and ears. Its color: one- colored (brown), two-colored (brown and white), two-tone speckled or brown with tawny markings above the eyes, on the chops and limbs. Its head : 

big and long, without being heavy. The skull is almost flat, even slightly convex. The break in the nose is not drowned, but not accentuated either. The truffle is big, brown and nostrils well open. The chops are down and their commissures are quite wrinkled. 
His ears are moderately long, attached at the level of the eye, slightly wrinkled and rounded at the end. 
His eyes: well opened, well enshrined in the orbit, displaying a frank look. 
His body:  the back is broad, upright and well supported, the kidney short, muscular and slightly harp, the rump slightly oblique, the chest wide in front and long in profile, the belly is little raised and the flanks are flat. 
His tail: well worn, usually shortened.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 24 kg and 32 kg Between 47 cm and 68 cm
Male Between 25 kg and 35 kg Between 47 cm and 69 cm

A French Braque dog is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

The French Braque is a dog awake, active, attentive, intelligent and obedient. Very attached to his master, loyal, gentle and affectionate, he is both an excellent dog and a companion of choice in everyday life. He gets along very well with the children.

Education ...
The French Braque is one of the easiest dogs to educate thanks to his attentive character and his natural sweetness, associated with his permanent desire to please his master. Excessive reprimands are to be avoided in this rather sensitive dog. His socialization must be carried out from an early age.


The French Braque is a dog rather robust and with solid health. On the other hand, the breed presents predispositions to certain diseases: torsion and dilation of the stomach. These conditions are therefore to be monitored and detected as early as possible.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The French Braque is a dog that requires very little maintenance. This should not be neglected to affect the health of his dress and skin, among others. Feeding section, the French Braque is to be fed once a day, preferably in the evening. His meal usually consists of raw meat, rice and vegetables.

Outings ...
The French Braque needs a lot of exercise to get busy. It is a dog naturally focused on the activity and therefore can not be content with a simple daily walk. Several outings a day are recommended.

Hygiene ...
It is recommended to brush the dog every week to preserve the beauty and the health of its hair, while avoiding deposits of vegetation, dust and other accumulated dirt during the outings.

Living conditions

The French Braque is above all a dog appreciating the vast expanses in which he can evolve freely. He is able to cover a lot of ground in a very short time. He can adapt to life in the city and apartment only if he has enough outings.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 700 € 1200 €

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