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Basics of Dog Breed : French Bulldog

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Posted on September 27 2018

Small and nice molossoid, the French Bulldog is recognized by its small size, its powerful and muscular body and its large frame.

Breed Information:

Other names: French Bulldog
Origin:  France
FCI Group: Dogs of pleasure and companionship
FCI number: 101
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

Molosse with uncertain origins , the French Bulldog would seem to be the fruit of the cross between an English Bulldog and a ratier. Appeared in the 1980s in Paris, and more mainly at the Abattoirs de la Villette, the French Bulldog quickly became the face of great Parisian celebrities.

Physical characteristics

His hair: usually quite short . 
Its color: tawny, if it is a brindled dog (coat coloration, characterized by discontinuous stripes of different colors), with a dark charbonnure (black spots) and different shades from red to coffee to milk; or white and brindle. 
His head: wide, square and very strong, with folds and wrinkles. 
His ears: tied high, carried straight. 
His eyes: big, round and dark. 
His body: with a back of carp, broad and muscular, the rump is well inclined and the chest quite cylindrical, his chest (front of the body of the dog) is open. 
Its tail :short, it is often twisted or cut naturally and pointed. 

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 7 kg and 12 kg Between 29 cm and 34 cm
Male Between 8 kg and 14 kg Between 30 cm and 35 cm

A dog breed French Bulldog is classified in the category of small dogs .

Behavior and character

The French Bulldog is a pet dog of a very happy temperament . Sweet and playful , he is considered an ideal playmate for children . He represents a nice ally for the elderly. As he gets older, he may also be the public entertainer or remain relatively peaceful. He remains dependent on his master to whom he needs to stay.


Different exercises, done with this dog from an early age, make it pleasant and sociable. It must also be taught cleanliness , obedience and desensitize to loneliness . In this case, this dog, always looking for things to learn, can be jealous and possessive and that is why it must be educated very early so that it does not develop this character trait.


The French Bulldog, with its very short muzzle , can suffer from a breathing problem , especially in case of hot weather. So avoid leaving it exposed to the sun for too long. Moreover, his eyes are relatively fragileand require regular maintenance using a suitable lotion. Finally, this dog is prone to herniated discs , it is essential to ensure food to avoid any risk of obesity.

Maintenance & Hygiene


Thanks to its short hair, the French Bulldog requires only a simple maintenance , a brush stroke a week is enough.


A special clamp exists for cutting claws . For bathing, it is advisable to use a neutral PH shampoo . The eyes are cleaned with dacryoserum or ocryl. Finally, wrinkles and folds, which require special attention, can be cleaned with saline. Once dry, apply petroleum jelly.

Physical activity

The French Bulldog is a city ​​dweller , but he particularly appreciates ballads , especially as his powerful musculature needs regular exercises . However, it is not recommended to go for a jog or walk with him near a body of water. Endowed with a bad breath , he also suffers from some difficulties to swim.

Living conditions

Dog of flat par excellence, the French Bulldog does not bark often and adapts to all the circumstances.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 1000 € 1500 €

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