Basics of Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Posted on January 15 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier-WOPET

The Jack Russell Terrier is a robust dog, very active with a strong personality. It has an elastic body, medium size. This happy dog ​​is famous for being a little nerve-rack.

Race history

The Jack Russell Terrier breed has its origins in nineteenth century England . It was created by Reverend John (known as "Jack") Russell , an English pastor who is passionate about hunting and is known as a breeder of Fox Terriers . His goal was to find a dog that could run fast, but also to go underground to dislodge foxes and game in the burrows. Very appreciated by hunters and riders since the end of the 2 World Wars. Two varieties of breeds have formed: the Parson Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier. The breed standard was established in 2000.

Physical characteristics

Its hair : can be of 2 different textures (soft or hard), but it remains rather short and made to withstand bad weather.
Its color : mostly white with black or tawny spots. The tawny tasks can go from the lightest to the darkest.
Its head : sports a skull flat and moderate width. The latter decreases in width more one goes down towards the eyes and the muzzle.
Its ears : V-shaped fall to the front of the head. They are usually chestnut colored, but they can also be white or spotted.
Its eyes : small, dark and almond.
Its body: slightly longer than high. His neck is well pronounced just as his chest remains muscular. Its silhouette is reminiscent of the Fox Terrier.
Its tail : drooping when the dog is at rest, but it must be erect when it is amusing or excited.

Behavior with others

The Jack Russell Terrier is an alert and energetic dog. Endowed with great intelligence , he is also very lively and courageous. His assertive character makes him a safe dog, ready to do anything for himself. Nice and friendly , he is very fond of his master. Despite a hunter's instinct, he loves family life. It is also a good playmate for children.


With the Jack Russell Terrier, you have to focus on reward education. His activity often makes him pay little attention in the long term. It is therefore necessary to  stimulate his attention with games or short orders but each time synonymous with reward. So, he will learn easily. We must be careful to be  firm  without forgetting  the sweetness  that will please this dog.

Living conditions

The Jack Russell Terrier is not really made to live in town even if they adapt easily. Nevertheless, his character is not compatible with a solitary life cloistered in an apartment . Your home might even pay the price. His ideal place of life remains a house in the countryside with garden so he can walk around and get busy.


This robust dog unfortunately suffers from some hereditary diseases sometimes due to consanguinity . It is important to choose it because some specimens remain prone to hyperactivity with behavior that is difficult to control. Like all dogs of small breeds, care must be taken to control his teeth, which are often too bulky for his small jaw. It remains sensitive to the formation of tartar in particular.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Jack Russell Terrier remains subject to permanent moulting with stronger periods in the fall and spring. This is explained by the lack of undercoat and that is why this dog loses his hair extensively. So you can brush it when you feel the urge including the return of the walk or to get rid of temporarily all hair on the verge of falling.

It is recommended to brush the dog with a rubber brush or glove. Do not wash the dog too often, about every 4 months for those living in the city and when it is really dirty in the countryside.


The diet of the Jack Russell Terrier must be adapted to his lifestyle. This canine is satisfied without concern for an industrial diet based on pates or croquettes of high quality.

Physical activity

The Jack Russell Terrier needs a lot of exercise to get busy . This will channel its overflow of energy. This breed is therefore not recommended for calm or elderly people. Indeed, this dog asks to be released several times a day.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Jack Russell Terrier is between 1000€ and 1500€.
The annual maintenance cost of a Jack Russell Terrier is between 850€ and 950€.

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