Basics of Dog Breed: Korthals Griffon

Posted on January 14 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Korthals Griffon

The Korthals Griffon is a medium-sized dog, robust, full of vigor, rustic and well above the height. He is recognizable by his well-braced mustache, beard and eyebrows, which give him a determined and assured air.

Race history

The Griffon Korthals is known since antiquity , since the race was evoked from the 4th century BC. JC by the Greek historian Xenophon. It was then met across Europe, but it was never really developed. It was only through the work of the Dutchman Eduard Karel Kortals , around the second half of the 19th century , that the Griffon Korthals was improved through crossbreeding and selection .

It is to this man that the race owes its name. Contributions of French braques, barbets and pointers seem to have been in order. The Korthals Griffin breed was definitively recognized by the CFI on December 7, 1954. As for its official standard, it was published on May 6, 1964.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: hard, coarse, whose texture is similar to that of boar silk. Not curly, nor woolly, doubled with a fine and tight undercoat.
Its color: steel gray with brown markings, uniformly brown (rubican or roan) or two-tone (white and brown or white and orange).
Its head: tall and long, with mustache, beard and well marked eyebrows. Skull not too wide, with parallel lines and chamfer. Stop not too pronounced.
Its ears: medium length, lying flat, tied at the line of the eye, with short hairs and a few long hairs.
Its eyes are large, round, dark yellow to brown, topped with eyebrows, displaying an expression of awakening and intelligence.
Its body: its length is greater than its height at the withers, in proportions ranging from 1 / 20th to 1 / 10th. The back is vigorous, the kidney well developed, the chest high and the ribs slightly rounded.
Its tail: often shortened by a third or a quarter of its length. Worn horizontally or with the tip slightly raised, with a thick coat.

Behavior with others

The Korthals Griffon is a smart dog , lively, sweet and affectionate . Very attached to his master , he will constantly seek to please him, but also to protect him. He has, indeed, the qualities of a good guardian , since he has the sense of the protection and the territory. But his main role is that of a dog. He is an outstanding hunter who can evolve on a variety of terrains: marsh, undergrowth, large open spaces, etc. At home, the Griffon Korthals is a pleasant companion, especially for children with whom it is very gentle.


The Korthals Griffon is a dog that is both gentle, intelligent and moderately docile , and needs a firm education. Properly socialized, he will get on well with all those around him. He remains dominant with the other males of his species.

Living conditions

The Korthals Griffon is clearly not made to live in an apartment . It is a dog built and conditioned for outdoor activities and large spaces. A house with a large garden giving him the opportunity to move freely and run would suit him perfectly. The Korthals Griffon needs an available and active master.


Characterized by a great robustness , the Griffon Korthals  does not fear the cold nor the bad weather . Dog with healthy health, however, it is one of the breeds with a predisposition to hip dysplasia (or hip-hip dysplasia). Of prostate disease can also decline in some subjects.

Maintenance and hygiene

The moulting of the Griffon Korthals remains light and the loss of hair rather moderate . The dog requires regular maintenance so that his hair can fully support its protective function.

It is recommended to brush the dog weekly and to regularly clean the ears to prevent possible diseases.

Physical activity

The Korthals Griffon needs long daily outings to get busy. He is only happy if he can enjoy good walks, ideally on country or forest grounds

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Griffon Korthals is between 700 € and 900 €.

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