Basics of Dog Breed: Lakeland Terrier

Posted on April 16 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Lakeland Terrier-WOPET

Other names: Patterdale Terrier, Working Terrier, Westmorland Terrier

Race history

Native to the Lake District, the lake district in northwestern England , the Lakeland Terrier breed was developed from the 19th century onwards with the successive contributions of several burrows, like the Bedlington Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Border Terrier , then  Fox Terrier and Airedale Terrier. He was appreciated for his enthusiasm and energy during the hunt for pests, but also for the fox. In 1928, the breed  made its entry into the English Kennel Club. The CFI recognized it definitively on October 14, 1954.

Physical characteristics

The Lakeland Terrier is a rustic dog, lively, compact and harmoniously built. Its appearance evokes that of the Welsh Terrier. It is smaller than the latter and can even be mistaken for a reduced Airedale Terrier when wearing the same dress.

Its hair: hard to the touch, quite dense, the hair cover is associated with a well-supplied undercoat. The whole gives it a good protection against bad weather.
Its color: unicolor (red, form, grayish red, brown, blue or black) or bicolor (black and fire, blue and fire).
Its head: harmonious, with a flat and well-drawn skull, black or brown truffle, wide muzzle and powerful jaws.
Its ears : V-shaped, small and proudly worn.
Its eyes: dark or hazel.
Its body: compact. The back is strong and moderately short, the kidney well attached, the breast moderately narrow.
Its tail:  proportionate to the rest of the body, well attached, carried joyfully without being on the back, or rolled up. Formerly cut short.

Behavior with others

The Lakeland Terrier is an alert dog, energetic , always enthusiastic about activity and work. Animated with great vivacity and remarkable assurance, he is none the less friendly and happy . Gifted for the hunt, during which he displays all his velocity and his determination, he is also a very good companion and guard dog (alarm dog especially).


The Lakeland Terrier is a relatively easy dog to educate . He likes to please his master and is, moreover, very intelligent. However, it is recommended to socialize early enough to avoid aggressive behavior towards other animals, especially the smaller ones.

Living conditions

He can live with the apartment , provided he gets out frequently and offers activities that allow him to let off steam. In any case, he will prefer to live in a house with a fenced garden . It adapts to all family situations , the presence of children and other animals if it has been properly socialized. The Lakeland Terrier needs an active and available master , able to both surround him with tenderness, establish himself as a pack leader and offer him enough activities on a daily basis.


It is a rustic and resistant dog . It supports quite well the low temperatures and the bad weather thanks to its dense dress and its double hair. However, he may contract eye diseases or dermatological problems. Special attention to his eyes and skin should be lent to him.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Lakeland Terrier does not moult. Its maintenance is simple, but it must be regular. Her hair, skin and eyes should be monitored to prevent illness.

Outings ...

He needs several daily outings to keep himself busy and to maintain his balance, especially if he lives in an apartment. This dog can not stand to stay long idle.

Hygiene ...

It is recommended to brush the dog regularly to preserve the cleanliness of his skin and his hair. His eyes should be inspected and cleaned with clean compresses soaked in saline solution or a specific ocular solution (special dog). Do not forget his nails and his teeth.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Lakeland Terrier is between 1000€ and 1200€.

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