Basics of Dog Breed: Norfolk Terrier

Posted on April 11 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Norfolk Terrier-WOPET

Race history

The Norfolk Terrier breed is the result of contributions from various British terriers. It is named after the city of the same name . Its development began in the late 19th century. This dog has long been raised for hunting small rodents and other pests. In the past, it was not considered to be a full-fledged breed, but rather as a variety of the Norwich Terrier, differing primarily in ear posture (drooping at the Norfolk Terrier, straight at his close cousin's Norwich). He entered the English Kennel Club in 1932, then in the Kennel Club of the United States in 1936. The race was definitively recognized by the FCI on October 1, 1966.

Physical characteristics

The Norfolk Terrier is a sturdy little dog, one of the smallest of the terriers. Compact and low legged, it is solidly built and has a good frame. The Norfolk Terrier looks like the Norwich Terrier, but is distinguished by its drooping ears, whereas it is straight at the Norwich Terrier. For the rest, the 2 breeds have extremely close characteristics.

Its hair: hard to the touch, lying straight and flat on the body. More abundant in the neck and shoulders, shorter and smooth on the head and ears, but with well-supplied eyebrows and mustaches.
Its color: all shades of wheat, red, black and fire or grisonne.
Its head :  skull wide, moderately rounded. The stop is well marked, the muzzle is strong, the lips are tight and the jaws are strong.
Its ears: V-shaped, slightly rounded at their tips, medium in size, falling forward against the cheek.
Its eyes: oval, dark brown or black, with great vivacity.
Its body: compact, picked up, with the horizontal top line, short back and well bent chest.
Its tail: uncut, it is of moderate length to be well proportioned to the rest of the body. Strong at its attachment and sharpening towards its end. Straight and playful. Cut, it is only moderately shortened.

Behavior with others

The Norfolk Terrier is an energetic dog , lively, active and endowed with great courage , while being pleasant company and without seeking the fight unnecessarily. He gets on rather well with his peers and remains attached to his master and his family . A strong pest hunter instinct , especially small rodents, sometimes causes it to be turbulent with respect to small animals. He is also a good alarm dog that will alert any intrusion into his master's house.


Naturally sociable , the Norfolk Terrier must nevertheless be socialized early enough for other animals, especially the smaller ones. It is not the most docile of burrows, but an education made of a careful dosage of firmness and affection makes it an excellent companion.

Living conditions

If the Norfolk Terrier is a country dog ​​first and foremost, it can do the job of living in an urban setting and in an apartment , as long as it gets enough exercise. It adapts to all family situations, although you have to be very careful if you have cats or other small pets at home.


The Norfolk Terrier is a generally resistant dog. It supports quite well the low temperatures thanks to its provided and hard dress. However, the breed has predispositions to congenital heart disease and joint disease (dislocation of the patella, dysplasia of the hip).

Maintenance and hygiene

The Norfolk Terrier remains subject to moulting and moderate hair loss . It is fairly easy to maintain , as long as this maintenance is done regularly. Frequent grooming is to be avoided in this dog so as not to alter the rustic and natural appearance of his dress.


He must have long daily outings and various exercises to satisfy his need for activity. His past as a pest hunter is that he can not stand to stay on the spot without doing anything.


It is recommended to brush the dog with a wire brush once a week if he lives in an apartment and several times a week (or every day) if he ventures frequently in country or forest. His hair should not be shorn or cut, but hair removal can be done 2 times a year.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Norfolk Terrier is between 1200€ and 1600€.

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