Basics of Dog Breed: Picardy spaniel

Posted on January 04 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Picardy spaniel

The Picardy spaniel is a robust dog, with a good musculature and solidly built. Along with a noble and joyful head-wear, the Picardian Epagneul displays an expression of sweetness and vitality. It is a little smaller than the English Setter , but its overall dimensions surpass those of other spaniels.

Race history of Picardy spaniel

Originally, as its name indicates, from Picardy, the Epagneul Picard corresponds to a very old race , being one of the first varieties of French Spaniels. It seems that the Picardy spaniel is derived from crosses between local Spaniels and the Dog of Oysel . Outside its region of origin and France, the Picardy spaniel is not very widespread. He was somewhat neglected towards the beginning of the last century for the benefit of his English cousins. The race of the Picardy spaniel was definitively recognized by the FCI on December 8, 1954.

Physical characteristics of Picardy spaniel

Its hair: thick, silky texture and slightly wavy. He is finer at the level of the head.
Its color: mottled gray with brown areas spread over different areas of the body and at the base of the tail, with fire marks on the head and feet.
Its head: oval in shape, with a long and fairly wide muzzle, a round and broad skull, a truffle medium size and brown and quite round.
Its ears: tied rather low, drooping, generously covered with a silky and wavy hair.
Its eyes: open, dark amber, with a particularly expressive look.
Its body : the neck is muscular and well attached, the back descending slightly after the withers, the kidney is straight, broad and thick, the rump is rounded, the chest quite broad and descending at the elbow.
Its tail: forming 2 curves convex and concave, of medium length, provided with silky hairs and its base is not located too high.

Picardy spaniel's behavior with others

The Picardy spaniel is a dog that is awake, gentle, intelligent and docile . His good character , his great attachment to his master and his kindness to children make him an excellent family companion. Above all, the Picardy spaniel is a hunting dog who loves to hunt various types of game (pheasant, snipe, duck, hare, rabbit ...) and who does not hesitate to get wet to pick them up in the marshes. He shows himself much less to his advantage in the guard, which is not his favorite field.

Education of Picardy spaniel

Active, but  with a very good temperament , the Picardy spaniel is a relatively easy dog to educate . His willingness to work and his taste for the game are to be exploited in his education, which should not be exempt from a small dose of firmness.

Living conditions of Picardy spaniel

The Picard Epagneul adapts to all family situations. However, living in an apartment does not suit him. A house with a fenced garden would suit him more. It is intended for active and available people, able to offer frequent trips and exercises.

Health of Picardy spaniel

The Picardy spaniel is a very resistant dog. It supports well the harsh climates , in particular the bad weather. In addition, the breed has no hereditary predisposition to any disease. His ears are however to be watched, because like all dogs with falling ears, the Picardy spaniel can suffer from otitis.

Maintenance and hygiene of Picardy spaniel

The Picardy spaniel does not call for a thorough interview. Regular brushing is enough to preserve the cleanliness and the good condition of its skin and its dress. A regular inspection of his ears is highly recommended and his feeding is to be watched, as the Picardy spaniel can be greedy.

It is recommended to brush the dog every week and a little more often during moulting.

Physical activity of Picardy spaniel

The Picardy spaniel needs a lot of exercise to get busy. This is a dog naturally focused on activity, work and play, in addition to his long daily outings.

Price and budget of Picardy spaniel

The purchase price of a Picardy spaniel is between 500€ and 1000€.

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