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Basics of Dog Breed : Polish Hound

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Posted on September 28 2018

Breed Information:

Other names: Polish running dog, Ogar Polski, Polish Hound
Origin: Poland
FCI Group: Common Dogs, Blood Dogs and Related Breeds
FCI number: 52
Longevity: 13 years
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

The Polish Hound corresponds to a very old race , since it is estimated that its appearance dates from the 13th century . This dog was used very early by the Polish nobility during hunting parties, especially for big game. According to some sources, the Polish Hound as we know it nowadays would come from crosses between the Dog of Saint-Hubert and local breeds .

Apart from his country of origin, Poland, there are very few representatives of the breed. The latter was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on January 29, 1965.

Physical characteristics

The Polish Hound is a medium-sized dog of muscular constitution, but without impression of heaviness. The Polish Hound is more built for endurance than speed. 

His hair: short and soft on the head, muzzle, ears and limbs. Medium length, thicker and rough texture on the rest of the body. 
Its color: fire on the head, the ears (except the lateral faces of the skull), the limbs, the sternal region and the thighs. Black or dark gray on the rest of the body. 
Its head :rather massive, writable in a rectangle profile view. The skull is broad, moderately arched between the ears, the eyebrows are well developed, the stop well defined. The truffle is wide and dark in color. 
Its ears: dangling, tied rather low, of average size and width, slightly rounded at their end. 
His eyes: arranged in almonds, not too deeply sunken, of dark brown color and displaying an expression of sweetness. 
His body: well proportioned, powerful and compact. The tourniquet is well drawn, the back long, broad and well muscled, the rump strong and slightly rounded. The chest is well down to the elbows. 
Its tail :thick, rather low attachment, slightly curved. The underside is lined with a longer hair.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 20 kg and 26 kg Between 54 cm and 60 cm
Male Between 25 kg and 32 kg Between 56 cm and 65 cm

A Polish Hound dog is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

The Polish Hound is a balanced dog, full of vitality and passion , especially when in hunting action. His extremely fine flair , stamina and determination drive him to tirelessly follow odorous trails over long distances and difficult terrain. The Polish Hound is also appreciated by hunters for his clear and assertive voice. As a family, he is an excellent companion who knows how to show affection and loyalty to his teachers. His vigilance and mistrust of strangers naturally predispose him to keep his family's property in the face of any attempt at intrusion.

Education ...
Although hunting dogs are generally considered to be docile and difficult to educate, the Polish Hound is undeniably one of the exceptions to this rule. Obedient and intelligent , he does not pose a major problemat the time of his education, as long as it is sufficiently early and balanced (firmness and softness). He mustlearn the reminder early enough to avoid incidents as an adult.


The Polish Hound is a strong , resilient and healthy dog if properly cared for. There is no predisposition to any disease in this breed.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Polish Hound requires only minimal and regular maintenance . Brushing helps to keep the dress clean and eliminate dead hair during moulting periods.

Outings ...
The Polish Hound needs a lot of exercise to get busy . Developed for hunting and used to evolve in large spaces, it must be walked long and frequently .

Hygiene ...
It is recommended to brush the dog once a week to keep his hair clean and beautiful. During the moult, the brushing is done 2 to 3 times a week. Special attention should be paid to his ears to prevent inflammation.

Living conditions

With its wide open spaces and wooded areas where it can fully express its hunting instincts, the Polish Hound is more at home in the countryside than in the city. Nevertheless, he can adapt to an urban lifestyle if he enjoys long trips.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 500 € 700 €

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