Basics of Dog Breed: Pont-Audemer spaniel

Posted on January 04 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Pont-Audemer spaniel

Race history of Pont-Audemer spaniel

The Pont-Audemer spaniel matches one of the oldest races of spaniels . Its name suggests that it has its historical origins in the current town of Pont-Audemer, in the Normandy region, in the vicinity of the marsh Vernier. He is very comfortable in the marshes and deep waters, where he has been used for his efficiency as a hunter of waterfowl.

The 2 world wars could have sounded the death knell of this magnificent breed, but passionate breeders strove to preserve it. Through their work, the Pont-Audemer spaniel continues to grow slowly and number of individuals in France is estimated at 300. The breed was definitively recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale on December 15th, 1954.

Physical characteristics of Pont-Audemer spaniel

The Pont-Audemer spaniel is a stubby and vigorous looking dog. His body is practically in a square. This frizzy spaniel is especially recognizable by the "wig" that frames his skull: it is actually a crimped silk crest covering the top of his skull and his long ears. A peculiarity that, combined with the rarity of this dog, make it an outstanding breed.

Its hair: curly, dense, slightly gruff.
Its color: unicolor (brown) or two-tone -maroon and preferably gray heather, with reflections "dead leaf".
Its head :the top of the skull is round and developed, the prominent occipital crest, the hoopoe shows well the bare forehead. The stop forms a weak angle, but the break is marked. The truffle is brown, the chamfer long, the lips thin and low.
Its ears: long, flat, moderately thick, tied low enough to clear the cheeks, covered with long curly bristles joining the crest of the head of the skull.
Its eyes:  relatively small, dark amber to hazel, displaying a look of openness and kindness.
Its body: The back is straight, even slightly convex, the kidney short and muscular, the rump slightly oblique, the chest deep and broad, flat flanks and little raised.
Its tail : medium length, slightly curved, straight, thick at its attachment (almost at the level of the kidney line), with curly hair surrounding it from side to side.

Pont-Audemer spaniel's behavior with others

The Pont-Audemer spaniel is a dog rustic, courageous, energetic, attentive, intelligent and obedient . While being an excellent hunting dog (especially in water), full of enthusiasm in action and illustrating particularly in the report, Pont-Audemer spaniel is a great everyday companion thanks to its softness , his loyalty and his cheerfulness.

Education of Pont-Audemer spaniel

It is considered easy to educate, because of its docility , intelligence and attentive character. Like all dogs, the Pont-Audemer spaniel must receive education both firm and fair , associated with early socialization.

Living conditions of Pont-Audemer spaniel

If the Pont-Audemer spaniel prefer large rural expanses , it can adapt to an urban lifestyle if sufficiently walked and subject to the exercise.

Health of Pont-Audemer spaniel

The Pont-Audemer spaniel is a rustic and solid overall dog, it falls only rarely sick and not present elsewhere no predisposition to any genetic disease . Its dress gives it a very good protection against cold and water, hence its ease in swamps and wetlands in general.

Maintenance and hygiene of Pont-Audemer spaniel

The Pont-Audemer spaniel only requires a regular maintenance basis to maintain its cleanliness , its natural appearance and health.


The Pont-Audemer spaniel has need a lot of exercise to spend . He is a hunting and stopping dog, so he can not remain inactive, both for his mental and physical balance.


It is recommended to brush the dog every week . During periods of moult, brushing is to be done more frequently: 2 to 3 times a week. His ears are inspected regularly, especially after exits, to detect any debris.

Price and budget of Pont-Audemer spaniel

The purchase price of an Pont-Audemer spaniel is between 700 € and 1000 €.

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