Basics of Dog Breed: Smooth Collie

Posted on December 04 2018

Basics of Dog Breed: Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is a robust, strong, active dog, built in a harmonious and perfectly proportioned manner, with dignified attitude and intelligent expression. It is distinguished from the Long haired Collie only by the length and thickness of its coat.

Race history

Like its long-haired cousin, the Smooth Collie was traditionally used by Scottish shepherds for the management of their herds. He distinguished himself in the second half of the 19th century during the first canine shows and was one of Queen Victoria's favorite dogs. It is also under his era that the first Colley club was created in England, in 1881. The Collie Club Français was founded in 1909, a few years after the arrival of the first representative of the breed in France, in from Ireland. The Shorthaired Collie was recognized definitively by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on December 18, 1974.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: short, flat lying, hard texture and lined with a very dense undercoat.
Its color: two-colored sable and white, tricolor (dominant black with bright spots) or blue merle (predominantly clear, silver-blue, with splashes and black mottling).
Its head: the shape of the corner is truncated. The skull is flat, the stop light but noticeable, the truffle always black, the extremity of the muzzle very smooth and rounded, the jaws strong and articulated in scissors, the cheeks not salient.
Its ears are medium in size, large in their attachment, carried back to rest, brought forward and semi-erect when the dog is attentive.
Its eyes :medium-sized, in almonds, of dark brown color, displaying an expression of intelligence, liveliness and sweetness.
Its body: harmoniously built, without heaviness or rudeness. The neck is muscular, powerful, well curved, the back straight and well supported, the chest high and rather broad behind the shoulders, the ribs well arched.
Its tail: long, low when the dog is calm, with the tip slightly curved, carried cheerfully when the dog is in action.

Behavior with others

The Smooth Collie is a happy , friendly and pleasant dog . Never fearful or aggressive , he also shines with his intelligence, vivacity and activity. The Smooth Collie gets along pretty well with children , as well as with other dogs. At home, he is a very good companion for the whole family and his attentive and courageous character makes him an excellent guardian.


The Smooth Collie can sometimes be  somewhat stubborn , so it is recommended to educate and socialize it early. His education must be both firm and gentle,  based on obedience, but also play.

Living conditions

The Smooth Collie is a dog that loves open spaces and freedom . He will prefer to live in a house with a large fenced garden , but can adapt to an urban lifestyle if he is frequently out.


The Smooth Collie is a sturdy and resilient breed dog. However, predispositions to diseases are present in the breed: Collie eye abnormality (AYC) dermatomyositis, ductus arteriosus persistence (cardiac malformation), epilepsy, lupus erythematosus, skin disease, coloboma (congenital anomaly of the poorly developed eye), entropion, retinal atrophy.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Smooth Collie does not require very thorough maintenance . Apart from regular brushing and examination of sensitive areas (ears, eyes, pads, etc.), there is no care difficult to predict in this dog.

It is recommended to brush the dog every week to keep the coat clean. The baths are necessary only when the dog is really dirty.

Physical activity

The Smooth Collie needs a lot of exercise to get active, be stimulated and stay balanced. Active and intelligent , it must benefit from long daily life and various activities.

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