Basics of Dog Breed : Swiss white shepherd

Posted on September 25 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Swiss white shepherd

The  Berger Blanc Suisse  is physically similar to the German Shepherd if we exclude the color: medium size but robust, elegant and well muscled.

Breed Information:

Other names: American White Shepherd, Canadian White Shepherd, Weisser Schweizer Schaferhund, White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Origin:  Swiss
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
FCI number: 347
Hair type: Mid-long or Long
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

It was in Germany, around 1890, that the history of Berger Blanc Suisse began . A man named Max Von Stephanitz had in mind to create the ideal shepherd dog. He succeeded in creating German Shepherds, but the white color was no longer accepted once the standard was established. It was not uncommon to get a pristine puppy, but the breeders were silent. 

The Berger Blanc Suisse did not officially appear in Germany until 1980. Breeders' clubs are gradually appearing around the world but this breed is not officially standardized until January 2003. Switzerland asked for that he be granted the "paternity" of this race. 

Physical characteristics

His hair : double, it can be long or medium length. 
Its color : entirely white. 
His head : slightly rounded skull, little marked stop and truffle of average size. 
His ears : tied high and parallel, they are well trained. The spikes go forward. 
His eyes : medium size and almond. Their color is brown more or less dark. 
His body : the musculature is impressive although the whole is perfectly harmonious. The back is horizontal. 
Her tail : tied down, she can go down under the hock. It is very bushy and comes in the form of saber.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 25 kg and 35 kg Between 55 cm and 60 cm
Male Between 30 kg and 40 kg Between 60 cm and 66 cm

A Swiss White Sheep dog is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

The Swiss White Shepherd is a dog that attaches a lot to his masters. Very gentle, inquisitive nature, he can be very attentive to DIY and gardening activities as he likes to experiment new games. Very intelligent, aggressiveness is not part of his character, making him a very good pet for young children. His only weak point is that he does not support loneliness. He needs a lot of affection and human presence. He can also make a good watchdog.

Education ...
The Swiss White Shepherd is moderately docile. It must be educated firmly but gently because of its extreme sensitivity. The sooner he is used to a situation, the sooner he adapts to it. He must therefore be familiar with the habits of the household (pace of life, meal times, etc.) very early not to feel neglected. He certainly needs affection, but it is better not to show him an excessive interest. He would be too attached and would have a hard time supporting the absences (even short) of his teachers. Suitable for work, LeBerger Blanc Suisse can fulfill many useful functions (patrol dog, drug, anti-explosive, etc.)


The Swiss White Shepherd , who can live nearly 14 years, is a very strong breed. Sometimes subject to diarrhea, he may also experience dysplasia of the hips His concern is rather emotional because, precisely, he can be hyper attached to his teachers. Be sure to protect it from ticks and fleas without interruption in time

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Swiss White Shepherd requires only a minimum of daily care. Being a calm dog, he does not claim many outings. Its maintenance is quite easy. It knows 2 moults a year and these moulting periods last between 3 weeks and one month each. 

Outings ...
The Swiss White Shepherd enjoys the outdoors. The walks will be of regular preferences, but not necessarily long. 

Hygiene ...
The white hairs of Berger Blanc Suisse are self-cleaning. Daily brushing is recommended, especially during moulting periods. On the other hand, the washing will not be done more than twice a year.

Living conditions

The Berger Blanc Suisse knows how to adapt to all situations, as long as it is with its masters. He needs to be physically active with real walks 2 to 3 times a day. A garden or a yard satisfies him but he likes to let off steam in the countryside. The apartment alone all day is absolutely excluded for this breed.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 1300 € 1700 €

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