Basics of Dog Breed : Tyrolean Hound

Posted on September 28 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Tyrolean Hound

Breed Information:

Other names: Austrian Brachet, Running Dog from Tyrol, Tiroler Bracke
Origin: Austria
FCI Group: Common Dogs, Blood Dogs and Related Breeds
FCI number: 68
Longevity: 13 years
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

The breed of Brachet Tyrolien is very old . A descendant of the current Celtic dog , he was one of the favorite hunting dogs of Emperor Maximilian I in the early 16th century. The first pure breeding of Brachet Tyrolien began around 1860 in its region of origin, the Austrian Tyrol . Its first standard was developed in 1896 and its official recognition was endorsed 12 years later. In 1944, it was decided to no longer include the small variety in its standard. The Brachet Tyrolien breed was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on October 8, 1954.

Physical characteristics

The Tyrolean Brachet is a medium-sized dog of strong constitution with a developed musculature. Harmoniously built, the Tyrolean Brachet is a little longer than high. Its silhouette is thus writable in a rectangle. His hair: double (presence of undercoat) and dense His color: fawn (red, red deer to red-yellow), black and fire (black coat with fire marks on the limbs, chest, belly and head ) or tricolor (black and fire with white marks on the chest, stomach, feet and limbs). His head: the skull is broad, dry, slightly domed. The stop is marked. The truffle is black, the muzzle moderately high and straight. His ears: enough 

 wide, of high attachment, rounded towards their extremity. 
His eyes: rather large and dark brown. 
His body: slightly longer than high. The tourniquet well out, the back straight and wide enough, the rump slightly inclined and long. The chest well down and the belly slightly raised. 
His tail: long, tied up. Ideally brush with a tight coat, worn high when the dog is in action.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 18 kg and 20 kg Between 42 cm and 48 cm
Male Between 18 kg and 20 kg Between 44 cm and 50 cm

A Brachet Tyrolean dog is classified as a medium-sized dog .

Behavior and character

The Tyrolean Brachet possesses all the qualities of the hunting dog , illustrating itself when it comes to forcing the hare and the fox , but also looking for the blood to find any type of game in the forest or in the mountains. With a very fine sense of smell and a remarkable sense of direction , the Tyrolean Brachet is passionate, enduring and autonomous in hunting. Although docility is not his strong point, this dog has a well balanced temperament . At home, he is very attached to his master and his family . His natural vigilance makes him a pretty good goalkeeper .  

Education ...
It is essential to ensure that the dog is initiated to the recall early enough . Like any hunting dog, the Tyrolean Brachet is not particularly docile and therefore requires a firm and early education. However, we will not seek the balance of power, but simply instil in him the basic educational rules.


The Tyrolean Brachet is a dog with solid health . Robust and resistant, it presents no particular predisposition to a disease. Its double coat gives it a good protection against cold and bad weather.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Tyrolean Brachet requires only basic maintenance , but it must be done regularly.

Outings ...
The Tyrolean Brachet needs a lot of exercise to work out. Enduring and having a lot of energy , he can not go without short walks . Long and frequent exits are recommended.

Hygiene ...
Regular brushing helps maintain the cleanliness and condition of her dress, especially after going out into the woods. His ears are systematically inspected after each of these hikes.

Living conditions

The Tyrolean Brachet is not made to live in an apartment . Although clean and little "bulky", he needs space to express himself fully. A rural living environment is perfect for him, but he can adapt to the city if he can benefit from frequent outings.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 500 € 800 €

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