Behaviour Assessment

Posted on May 18 2019

Behaviour Assessment-WOPET


If you are struggling with multiple or more serious behaviour issues, it is often difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. 


Resolving your dog's issues and giving you relief from their unwanted behaviour starts with a Behaviour Assessment. We carry out a thorough evaluation of your dog's behaviour and discuss your household's needs and goals. 


The first step on the path to resolving your dog's behaviour problems 


Behaviour Assessments last around 90 minutes. They provide the opportunity to carry out a thorough evaluation of your dog's behaviour and to discuss your needs and goals for resolving it.


During our appointment we'll decide on a personalised training plan and discuss the likely timescale for resolution. Your personalised plan will be based on your dog's specific issues and needs. It will also address your frustrations and the behaviour changes that you require in order for your dog to fit in with your household and life. In order to start giving you some immediate relief from your dog's behaviour, any appropriate management solutions will also be provided.


It is unlikely that your dog's behaviour problem started overnight, solving it is probably going to take some time. We'll help and support you every step of the way throughout the training. In some cases, we can undertake the training for you which will allow for faster resolution.  


Behaviour Assessments are required when you need to address multiple issues, any problems involving fear, aggression towards people or other animals, separation issues or if you have a multi-dog household.


Behaviour Assessments cost £95 and are conducted at Action Petz venues in Newport or Bridgend. Please contact us if you require a home visit.

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