Benefits of a 100% natural diet for your pet

Posted on March 30 2018

Benefits of a 100% natural diet for your pet

When we eat well, we feel good. The same goes for our pets. Symptoms such as itching, excessive scratching, appetite problems, discomforts and more may be linked to problems with food. 

The change from highly processed food to complete and minimally processed foods such as those from The Honest Kitchen may be exactly what the veterinarian prescribed.

Benefits of feeding your pet with The Honest Kitchen:

  • Higher energy levels: We have noticed that we have much more energy when we eat a homemade soup or a cold juice for lunch, than when we eat junk food. The same thing happens in puppies and kittens when they eat minimally processed and whole foods. 79% of the pets enjoyed an increase in energy levels after switching to our food.
  • Healthy body weight: Like people, pets can end up in an unhealthy body weight when they eat too many refined carbohydrates, salt or processed ingredients. Proteins from only clean sources and healthy balanced fats in our recipes make a lean body. 60% of pets with weight problems saw improvement after switching to our food.
  • Silky hair and softer skin: The happiness that goes in equals an external vibrant glow. The fur and coat (and even the condition of the ears) are one of the best ways to get an insight into the internal health of your puppy or kitten. Since food is a key pillar of total health and well-being, dull skin and irritated ears could mean a change in diet that is required. 78% of skin and fur problems improved when pets changed to our healthy food.
  • Better digestion: Digestive problems can become a nuisance (odorous), and is a sign of health problems in your pet. Foul-smelling gases can be signs that something in the food is not right. Healthy whole food, antioxidants, soluble fiber (and a strict absence of cheap fillings and hard-to-digest byproducts) can help you achieve easy and friendly digestion. 80% of the digestive problems of the pets improved when their owners chose our recipe instead of croquettes and old-fashioned cans.

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