Benefits of growing up with pets

Posted on April 02 2018

Benefits of growing up with pets

Pets can become an important complement in the development of children, both physically and emotionally. According to experts, children who grow up with pets at home since they are babies, develop a greater sense of responsibility, and have a more affectionate nature and a profuse love for nature.

The benefits of growing up with a pet are many, and if parents are animal lovers, there is no more positive aspect than showing our children that this way of giving our care to other living beings.

Children come to know the importance of affection and respect for animals. They learn to give to receive, and often the pet becomes the best company for the child. Studies have shown that pets can enhance children's learning and social skills.

In addition, minors who live with pets strengthen their immune system and, therefore, there is less risk of allergies and school absenteeism due to respiratory diseases.


  • The affective plane improves. Children with pets acquire the ability to recognize that there are needs different from their own, so it makes sense to them that this also happens in their relationship with friends and family.
  • Children with pets are usually less jealous and more loving.
  • The feeling of giving affection and not just receiving it is very relevant for minors. The faithful company of their pets favors learning to love others.
  • Children tend to take refuge in their pet when they are scolded , and being in contact with them helps them express their emotions.
  • The playful spirit of children is also favored by the interaction with their pets , especially with dogs and cats, since games with these species are participatory.

It is important that parents encourage children to care about their pets and develop empathy towards them. Children who grow up with pets show many benefits, since the animal can contribute to self-esteem and self-confidence, the development of relationships of trust in others and the development of verbal communication, compassion and generosity. 

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