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Benifits of Choosing An Adult Dog

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Posted on October 06 2018

At the time of adoption or acquisition of a dog, one can direct his choice towards an adult animal rather than a puppy. The benefits associated with this option are multiple.

Choosing to acquire or adopt an adult dog (at least 12 months old) is an important decision. The arrival of a dog that has a life and whose personality is already built requires a period of adaptation initially, but the benefits of such a choice are numerous. Let's look at the positive aspects, the disadvantages to foresee and the precautions to take to avoid bad experiences.

Learning to know each other

The education received by the dog from his former teacher determines his current behavior and his ability to adapt to the life you are about to propose to him. The relationship between the dog and you - and possibly the other animals you already have - depends on it to a great extent.

An adaptation time must necessarily be observed initially. It will allow the dog and his new family, to get to know each other . Everyone will gradually get used to the temperament and habits of the other.

Benefits to the shovel ...

Opting for an adult dog has many advantages  :
  • You save yourself all the work of education and training , especially with regard to basic instructions and cleanliness
  • You will not have any surprise about his race or his final size
  • You already know, after obtaining all the information, the character of the dog
  • The adult is generally calmer than the puppy
  • The adoption of a dog from an approved shelter provides the guarantee that the animal has benefited from the necessary care and procedures (medical examinations, vaccines, deworming, etc.)
  • You save the initial veterinary costs of the puppy (first vaccines, identification chip, notebook, specific treatments, etc.)

Some disadvantages to know ...

  • If the education given by the former teacher is approximate, it is more difficult to correct behavioral traits of the dog in adulthood
  • If you already have other dogs at home, there may be tensions between them and the newcomer
  • The adult dog will live less with you
  • Adopting in a shelter is saving a life!
  • Adopting an adult dog at a shelter is also a charitable act . Alas, many shelter dogs that have not found takers risk being euthanized .

These are precious lives that are saved when animals are adopted.

In addition, not all dogs found in adoption centers are necessarily for behavioral reasons; Adorable and well-educated animals may have been entrusted to these structures because their former owners no longer have the means to care for them, have had to move or have died.  

Some recommendations to avoid unpleasant surprises

  • The dog needs time to adapt to your environment. It may be difficult for him to become familiar with it at the start
  • Before adopting the adult dog, find out about his past and his behavior with his former owner or refuge
  • A dog who has been abused in the past takes more time to trust you . Be patient and loving, it will make you a hundredfold!

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