Brushing the teeth of your cat

Posted on December 13 2018

Brushing the teeth of your cat

Did you know that it is imperative to take care of your cat's teeth? This is often overlooked by cat owners. This may be your case. So, we will explain why and how to clean your pet's teeth. This can prevent him some disturbing pathologies.

The teeth of your cat

Your cat has 30 teeth as an adult. His baby teeth appear about 2 to 3 weeks after birth . Then, as for a child, he will lose them towards his fourth month. On regrowth, her final teeth will take over .

We advise you to accustom your cat very early to the touching of his teeth . This will make it easier for you to clean it (see below).

Why take care of your teeth?

It is imperative to take care of your cat's teeth . His oral hygiene should not be neglected. Moreover, 8 cats out of 10 suffer, after 3 years, of problems of teeth and gums .

Indeed, this animal carnivore tends to make the plaque , which will create by the remnants of ingested food , but also by bacteria of all kinds. If left untreated , this plaque changes to tartar . This is the first step towards pathologies such as gingivitis , irritating the mouth of your cat.

Subsequently, other more serious diseases may appear, or even a fallout . A periodontal disease when the bacteria begin to cross the barrier of blood and attack the kidneys , is not excluded. Your cat will lose weight because it will not feed because of a terrible pain in her teeth.


First, the interview starts naturally. By giving kibble to your cat, you are already fighting against the appearance of tartar . While this is still insufficient in this process, it is a start. Besides, you will find in the trade of kibble specific for dental cleaning of your pet.

Thereafter, you must regularly brush your cat's teeth with a toothbrush soft toothbrush and a paste scaler that can be purchased in specialty stores or at your veterinarian. There are also chewable tablets by your cat, which act as a toothpaste.

Regular maintenance of your cat, about once or twice a week, is very important. It prevents the appearance of tartar or its proliferation. Thus, you anticipate possible problems.

What are the signs of a tooth or gum disease?

If bacteria come to infect your cat's mouth, then he is not immune to developing a disease related to his teeth or gums . In this case, you will feel bad breath come out of his mouth. You will also feel inflamed gums , yellow teeth , synonymous with tartar, as well as a more abundant drool . You must urgently go to your vet. A pathology of the teeth can quickly degenerate, in particular because your cat can no longer feed easily. Therefore, weight loss is common.

In summary

Cleaning your cat's teeth is an essential step in his weekly hygiene. Once or twice a week, you must bring a soft toothbrush and apply a descaling paste. You can also use specific kibbles and a tablet as supplements. You must not neglect anything, because scale can lead to the development of many bacteria that can cause more or less serious diseases, or even a loosening. Teeth are essential for your feline.

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