Can I give my dog human vitamins?

Posted on May 09 2018

Can I give my dog human vitamins?

As humans, we know that vitamins and supplements can help boost our livelihood in many ways. As pet owners, we may have occasionally contemplated whether or not the same benefits that we enjoy from these vitamins can be experienced by our four-legged friends. Is there any damage in the attempt?

Your dog's need for Vitamins

Vitamins are an essential part of keeping your dog healthy. Together, they play a vital role in maintaining and regulating various bodily processes that are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Protecting the body from toxins, which facilitates digestion, building muscle, and maintaining the health of the shield are just some of the things vitamins can do.

Just as it is with humans, certain vitamins direct different, specific functions within a dog's body. What's more, the functionality of these vitamins are similar in dogs as in people. For example, vitamin D is important for the health of your dog's teeth, while vitamin A is essential for your dog's skin and hair.

Similar, but different

Because of the similarities in the form of vitamins between dogs and humans, it might be easy to assume that they are also somewhat interchangeable between species. However, this way of thinking - and continuing with this way of thinking - can unfortunately be a dangerous proposition.

The main reason for this is reduced to the needs of a dog, which are dictated to a large extent by size. Human vitamins work so well for us, as they are specifically targeted at the body structure of an adult person. Even the largest dog breeds are not the size of an average human. By giving your dog a human vitamin, you are giving it too much of something good.

In the case of vitamins, an excess could lead to various problems for your dog. If you provide too much of a specific vitamin, the serious excess could have a toxic effect, especially if the vitamins in question are vitamins A and D. What we think would be a benefit may end up giving you bone spurs, lethargy, muscle weakness, and other unpleasant things.

Think of it this way: You probably will not give your young, preteen child a vitamin supplement. Rather, you should opt for him or her to give a vitamin formulated specifically for children that children should adopt. Why should you treat your dog to be different than this?

Are vitamins necessary?

Once you have avoided the temptation to provide your dog with its own supplements, you are ready to explore the vast world of canine vitamins. But before you take the step, you may want to examine your dog's situation to confirm whether or not you really need a vitamin supplement.

This can be a confusing to face dilemma. On the one hand, some experts warn that resort to the use of vitamins as a normal daily occurrence. Others believe that there is no harm in providing your dog with specific vitamins for each dog, provided that the instructions for use are followed to the letter.

To promote the enigma, the answer as to who is right seems to fall somewhere between the two fields. In fact, there are situations that can arise in vitamins or mineral supplements are the right decision. There are also situations in which an additional vitamin is totally exaggerated.

By giving your dog a vitamin it makes sense

There are some situations that could occur in the life of a dog, where even detractors will confirm that a vitamin supplement is justified. These scenarios tend to be highly specific, and they are built around the need to correct a marked deficiency.

If your dog has been specifically diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, your veterinarian will most likely prescribe vitamins specifically related to vitamin deficiency. You should not expect your dog to receive a multivitamin in this case. Your main concern here is to get the vitamin directed up to a normal count.

Conversely, if your dog has a disease that responds positively to supplementation, you should provide your dog with the vitamin that triggers the reaction. For example, if your dog suffers from osteoarthritis, it can be prescribed with a vitamin E supplement. This is because vitamin E has been shown to have great anti-inflammatory properties

It is also categorically acceptable as a supplement to your dog with vitamins if you feed it with a homemade diet. While a "homemade" meal can come with a lot of love, it can not come with the sufficient amount of vitamins you need. If you go this route, you should consult a veterinarian to make sure that you add vitamins that you may lack as a result of your meal.

There are also some that suggest that providing your dog with vitamins is great, since it is eating a diet of poor quality, and a supplement will counteract poverty. However, most experts will tell you that this makes for a poor substitute for an improved diet. You are better off trying to revise the topic instead of slapped with a band-aid.

Does not high-quality dog ​​food produce unnecessary vitamins?

Experts who discourage the use of a daily vitamin supplement point to dog food as the main reason why. The argument here is that if your dog is eating a well-balanced, nutritionally complete dog food full of high-quality ingredients, then no supplement should be necessary.

The reason for this is because a high quality dog ​​food must already contain the right level of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain the proper balance. In any case, experts warn that introducing a supplement on top of quality food would potentially risk overcharging your dog with vitamins. Again, this could be a bad thing.

No Guess - Talk to your veterinarian!

Because the answer to providing vitamins for your dog is so far reaching, it is important that you work with your veterinarian to come up with a specific vitamin plan for your dog - if you still need one in the first place. Doing this step is essential not only to promote the health of your dog, but also to provide peace of mind as a dog owner. And why would not he like that?

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