Can we give the leftovers to our dogs?

Posted on October 17 2018

Can we give the leftovers to our dogs?

Is it a good thing to give the remains of lunch or dinner to your dog? Of course, the answer is no. There is nothing worse for the health and behavior of his dog than treat it as a "trash" table. There are many reasons for this. Let's go over them.

The classic scene: we are eating alone or with the family, the plate in our hands or on the table, and the dog is sitting there, staring at the dish and waiting patiently (not always) to have "his »Share. It is certainly difficult to resist the look that implores you, but it is necessary for the good of everyone, starting with the dog itself. To give him the leftovers is anything but a good idea.

This is part of the bad eating habits that contribute greatly to the canine obesity and promote all kinds of digestive problems . It is therefore the health of the dog that is put at risk, along with his behavior and his life in the family.

Foods that are not adapted to the specific needs of the dog

The food needs of the dog are different from ours. His body claims a number of nutrients and rejects others, many of which are part of our daily menus. Lactose, onions, garlic, egg white, salted meats and sausages , raisins, mushrooms and chocolate are almost everywhere on our plates. And it is all about harmful foods for the dog.

By giving him the remains of his meal, it is therefore likely to harm his health by making him absorb one of these foods that he can not digest. Vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems may result. In addition, our diet is likely to contain significant levels of sugars, salt and fats. These are, again, dangers to the health of dogs, which are sadly more numerous to suffer from obesity.

Also remember that bones , especially the smallest ones (chicken, rabbit, etc.), can cause choking and internal damage by being ingested by your doggies.

A bad habit that promotes unwanted behavior

Give the remains of the table to his dog is therefore detrimental to the health of his dog , but not only. It is also his education and his behavior that are heavily affected.

If he has been accustomed to receiving plate money after or during meals, he will begin to claim it systematically . In the best case, it will be sitting sitting staring at what you are eating, which is already rather unpleasant , especially for your guests. Some dogs become very insistent , even aggressive, making lunches and dinners tense, whereas they should be moments of well-being.

From the start, you must make your dog understand that he will not have to wander around the table during meals. The rule must be respected each time , without any difference.

Give him only his food. And nothing else

Your pet should receive a diet balanced and adapted not only to his dog status (croquettes or home meal) but also according to its race , its size , its age or its condition (sick dog, bitch pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.).

As for treats , their use must be limited. Even those that are specially made for dogs. They allow, certainly, to facilitate education by acting as rewards , but they must be given sparingly so as not to unbalance his diet.

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