Canine cures: what is better probiotics for dogs

Posted on May 09 2018

Canine cures: what is better probiotics for dogs

A brief look at probiotics for dogs

Specific canine probiotics have long been a staple in holistic-fed dog care. However, its status as a beneficial supplement for dog health has been adopted by traditional veterinary medicine relatively recently, after clinical research determines that it can in fact help regulate your dog's digestive tract.

Needless to say, this determination has made probiotics a hot ticket article for pet owners who want to help their dog feel better at the first sign of liquid poop. But do not stay out of the pet store yet - there are some things you should know before you start providing this supplement to your dog.

What is a probiotic and how does it work?

In essence, probiotics are "good" bacteria that work to break down food more efficiently. Its presence improves dog digestion, helping in the absorption of essential nutrients and the washing of body toxins in a more regulated manner. Along the way, probiotics help regulate the gastrointestinal tract of a dog as a whole.

There are also those who believe that the benefits of probiotics for dogs extends beyond the belly. Some consumers have left evidence of state probiotics can be effective in alleviating various skin disorders and allergies that can affect a dog. It is also thought that probiotics can prevent urinary tract infections.

What to do before buying a probiotic

As is the case with any supplement or medication that you are thinking of providing to your dog, you should schedule a visit with a veterinarian before picking up your first bottle of probiotics. Doing so will help you rule out any bizarre causes of gastrointestinal problems or diarrhea if your dog is struggling with these kinds of things.

Your veterinarian can also help determine what type of probiotic regiment may be right for your dog. Because probiotics are now considered legitimate treatments in the field of traditional veterinary medicine, your veterinarian will most likely have some information on what is on the market and what can benefit your dog better.

Is there such a thing as the one made at home by probiotics?

If you have the time and energy, you can naturally provide probiotics to your dog by stoking some homemade yogurt or kefir. These super-foods, particularly kefir, are known to have a large amount of probiotics and beneficial amino acids, which have become popular among the whole. In addition, they are foods that you and your dog can enjoy.

What I am looking for in a Probiotic?

If you prefer to leave probiotics for professionals, which makes the determination of a solid probiotic can be a bit difficult if you are not used to the language and jargon attached to the supplement. While the jargon that appears on the packaging can be complex, you can be sure that you do not need a science degree to know what to look for.

A good probiotic will contain several "strains". These bacterial strains, which are different from the digestive enzymes, will serve different beneficial functions pertaining to stopping diarrhea. It may not specifically recognize by name, but the functionality of these strains may be listed on the package.

When you are reading the label, you should look for a guarantee regarding the number of colony forming units or CFUs, which are listed in millions or billions per gram within the product. The metric essentially lets you know how many viable bacteria or fungal elements the probiotic is carrying. The higher the CFU count, the more powerful the product.

You will also want to make sure that you see a customer service number clearly marked on the label. If you are new to the probiotic game, you may have questions about its use. Giving the manufacturer a call can be a good option if you can not get hold of your veterinarian immediately.

You must also take into account the expiration date of the probiotic. Probiotics tend to have a very specific lifespan, because basically you are in front of bacteria-alive once this life is over, the probiotic will lose its effectiveness. If you do not see an expiration date on the package, move on to the next probiotic.

There is no universal way to store probiotics. Some manufacturers require refrigeration to preserve the effectiveness of probiotics `, while others do not. Those that require refrigeration tend to last longer than those that do not, especially if it has been exposed to moisture.

Always adhere to the recommended dose as indicated on the label. If your dog is suffering from a very dangerous combat behind diarrhea, increasing the amount of probiotics is not going to make the problem go away faster. Keep the course, and your four-legged friend will eventually get in touch with good health.

Since you are going to have dealings with the regulation of your dog's digestive tract - especially diarrhea, you can give your dog a dose between meals. Probiotic supplements come in various forms, such as powder, tablets, paste and gel. You can experiment with different delivery methods to see what your dog prefers.

In some cases, you do not even need to provide your dog with an additional supplement, since there are special probiotic dog foods and dog treats that have been made available in the market. You can find the change to this type of food an easier way to encourage your dog to "take your medicine" because you will not necessarily know that you are taking probiotics.

The only disadvantage of this is obviously causing a change to a new dog food. This is not as easy as it seems, since making an exchange can cause some unforeseen interruptions, including adjustments within your digestive tract. You may want to talk to your veterinarian before making the change to make sure this is the best course of action to take.

This additional benefit could arouse the interest of those who want to give their dog an extra boost of health, but are reluctant to put too many supplements in their body. A product that offers the possibility of "multi-task" eliminates this particular dilemma.

If probiotics have gone through your head, you may still be a little skeptical about their use. After all, using them was not something that was accepted by traditional veterinary medicine until recently. This relative novelty can cause a little nervous about jumping on board.

But rest assured, the studies that have been released by legitimate, trusted sources are strong enough to crush any doubts you may have about probiotics and their effectiveness. This is a supplement that offers results if your dog is suffering from diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems, and will ultimately help you to feel better about yourself. And who would not want that for his dog?

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