Care to prevent fleas and ticks

Posted on March 31 2018

Care to prevent fleas and ticks

The problem of fleas and ticks in your pet, is not only about discomfort and itching, they can also transmit more serious diseases. Therefore, prevention and care is important.

In order for the treatment to have better results, it is advisable not only to focus on your pet, but also on the environment where you live. eye! Give it more importance in hot season.

Take into account these basic care to prevent fleas and ticks in your dog and cat!

  • Care and brush your hair: Try brushing once a week, this will prevent tangling and you will ensure that it is free of parasites.
  • Put on a flea collar : Make sure it is appropriate for your age, breed and weight.

  • Apply phlegm (pipettes) antipulgas: It is important that you put the corresponding to your weight. 
  • Bathe with an anti-flea shampoo: This will prevent unpleasant fleas and ticks from "inhabiting" your pet.

  • Keep your space clean: If your pet sleeps in the garden you must keep your house / bed disinfected. This also applies if you sleep indoors, but it is recommended to be more careful in open areas.

Ready! Choose a good product, apply it according to your size and use it as often as necessary.

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