Castration or sterilization in cats?

Posted on April 20 2018

Castration or sterilization in cats?

One of the main complaints reported by the owners of cats is the constant meowing and the attitude they have during the heat, so they consult about castration and sterilization in cats processes.

However, these are two completely different operations and with different results in the behavior of cats, so take careful note of the following article so you can make the right decision.

Castrate or sterilize my cat?

Castration of a cat involves the surgical removal of the sex glands. In the case of males, they are the testicles, while in the case of females it is the ovaries and the uterus. This allows the sexual instinct to be controlled, so it will no longer go through the heat, nor the strange behavior typical of those days.

On the other hand, there is sterilization. This consists solely and exclusively in cutting the reproductive channels, that is, vasectomy in males and tubal ligation in females. This means that they will have the same sexual behavior during the heat, but they will not be able to reproduce.

Now, the final decision will remain in your hands. If what bothers you is the behavior of your cat, the meows, the smell of urine and nervousness, then castration is the best alternative; But if this behavior is perfectly tolerable and you just want to prevent your cat from getting pregnant, then sterilization is preferable.

What is the best time to castrate my cat?

According to several experts castration of cats should be done after the first heat, while for others this does not seem to be relevant. However, be it before or after the first heat, it is important that it be carried out after the physical development of the cat has been completed, that is, after the first 10 months.

Some reasons to castrate a cat

The first is undoubtedly the behavior. For many owners it is simply unbearable the nervous behavior of the feline, in addition to the meows and the escapes, or otherwise maybe it would not even be an option.

Another very important reason is the safety of your cat. The constant outings at night represent a risk, because it can get parasites and infections, in addition to the fights and the poison that unscrupulous people leave.

Finally, this procedure extends the life of cats and prevents future problems such as pyometra, mammary tumors, prostate, testicular, etc.

Care and changes after castration

On the one hand, obesity is the most common effect in fetuses, which is why it is recommended to increase physical activity, especially with toys. This may demand some time and energy, but it is obviously the welfare of your cat.

Additionally, it is also important that you reduce the amount of food, since you will no longer have the same caloric expenditure.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that not only will the behavior change during heat, but in general terms your cat will be much more docile, affectionate and calm.

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