Cats communicate with humans in different ways

Posted on April 09 2018

Cats communicate with humans in different ways

When it comes to cats, those meows mean ... well, many things. With each " prr, prr ", meow or even wink, the felines are saying " Hello ," " Let's snuggle " or " As you like, Mom ."

Cats remained close to humans for 10 thousand years; according to historians and in Egypt civilizations kept them with them to scare the pests and mice of the crops. The domestication of the cats occurred approximately more than 5 thousand 300 years ago, which is enough time to have developed certain signs and ways of expressing themselves with their humans.

They are incredibly independent and, therefore, are misunderstood many times. They are difficult to read creatures in terms of their behavior. This is mainly because they are relatively new companion animals compared to dogs, which have thousands of years next to humans. However, there are ways to know what a pet cat needs in its own forms of communication.

According to Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the humanistic society of San Diego and author of the book "How to talk cat", cats have 16 different meows and more than 30 poses that mean different things. They use their voices, eyes, ears and even tails to express themselves with humans.

They do not use the meows to communicate with other cats, because they have another type of tone to do it. So felines meow only to communicate with humans. With the other cats, they use other tones, more acute or more serious depending on the situation.

Cats are independent, yes, and will make it notice when they need it. But in general they do not like to be alone and prefer to be accompanied. Over the years, they have realized that, in order to obtain something, they should only emit a pleasant sound like the meows and they get it. Also, as with meows, cats can talk in many other ways: with their tails and winking with their eyes. Yes, cats wink their eyes.

What does this mean?

Well, it's mostly as if they were giving a silent greeting with a friend or comrade, in the same way that humans do.

Their tails, on the other hand, by standing erect, it is understood that they are welcoming someone, as if they were saying hello and saying that they like it in the first instance and could be understood as if they were shaking hands with each other. He is happy to see his companions. If, on the other hand, the tail is low and bristling, it is better to keep the distance because you do not like the situation that has been presented to you.

Even the movements of their whiskers and ears contain important meanings: when they move them backwards, it is better to stay away because they are on the defensive and on guard and, if this action is accompanied by a stretched and bristling tail, it is better not to approach them.

In addition, sometimes cats rub their chins and their bodies against a person or object and this implies that marks their territory, although it could be a declaration of "love" because the possession could be the equivalent of affection for the pussycat.

Learning to communicate with a cat is of utmost importance to those who like the company of these felines, since many people who adopt a pet rely solely on the color or even the breed they want instead of trying to make a good connection with the pet (any pet, not just cats).

Recall also that possibly not all people are adequate to have a cat. Thinking about our way of being can be of great help as soon as we make the decision to adopt a cat. If the result is satisfactory, you will have found a friend for many, many years.

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