Changes in your dog's diet in summer

Posted on August 13 2018

Changes in your dog's diet in summer

The hot season has already arrived, and this can affect the behavior of your dog, mainly its eating habits. Usually on days of high temperature, dogs rest more, so they use less energy and their appetite is usually less.

Maybe you will find that your dog now does not want to eat as much as in the other days, this is normal, as long as you maintain a healthy weight, are hydrated and have a nutritious diet, you will not have to worry.

However, if your dog continues with his normal appetite and without doing much physical activity due to the heat, it will be important to change your food for a low calorie to prevent them from gaining weight during this time.

If you still feel that your dog eats very little of what it should, consider some of these tips that can help you improve your pet's appetite:

  • Feed him in a shady place that is well ventilated and cool for him.
  • Look for lighter, lower calorie foods that help you not feel heavy when you eat.
  • Alternate your diet with moist foods, these are good to help hydrate your dog, besides being a fresher food, less calories and easier to digest these hot days.
  • Feed it at times where the heat is not at its maximum point, it can be very early in the morning and / or past 5 in the afternoon.
  • During the hot weather, give fresh rewards that you have prepared for yourself.
  • So that you spend more energy and eat normal, try to get it out to exercise in the morning before the heat starts or in the afternoon when the sun has already gone down.

And remember, although it is perfectly normal that your dog's eating habits change during the summer, if the loss of appetite is accompanied by weight loss, aggressive behavior, low thirst, vomiting and diarrhea, it may be some other problem that will be better to consult with your veterinarian and so be sure that everything is fine with the health of your hairy.

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