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Choose a big dog for adopting?

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Posted on October 06 2018

Large dogs include large breeds (between 30 and 50 kg, such as the German Shepherd or Rottweiler ) and giant breeds (over 50 kg, such as Mastiff and Cane Corso ). There are a number of essential data to consider before choosing one.

There are major differences between having a big dog at home and having a small dog . Before making such a choice, it is necessary to ensure that one can offer him all the conditions allowing him to live decently and without great constraints.

Contrary to popular belief, big dogs are not more aggressive or turbulent than small dogs . Simply, their appearance is more imposing and the consequences of their anger or awkwardness are much more remarkable.

Choose the breed according to your lifestyle

If you wish to adopt or acquire a large dog , you must be certain that you can take full responsibility for it . Choose a big dog should not be on a crush: the little puppy you have before your eyes is expected to become a big guy of 30 kg and over as an adult, with all that it implies in everyday life .

The category of large dogs including several races, choose it according to your lifestyle  : If you have children, the Newfoundland or the Leonberger suit a little more than the Tibetan Mastiff , the more independent character. Of course, a big dog needs more space, but he can live with the apartment as long as he can walk around every day .

Slower growth

Dogs belonging to large breeds have a slower growth , with a late maturity , but also a shorter life expectancy (8 to 10 years in the Great Dane). Large dogs do not reach their adult weight until they are 2 years old. Side health, they are quite robust, but predisposed to conditions related to their large size: torsion-dilation of the stomach, dysplasia of the hip, cardiomyopathy ...

The costs to predict

At the time of purchase, big dogs are not necessarily more expensive than small ones: count 600 to 1500 euros , or more, for a dog with a pedigree. The cost, however, is higher on a daily basis, since they eat larger amounts of food and require larger doses of drugs. In addition, you must provide everything in XXL: leash, sleeping, niche, bowl, etc.

Generally peaceful behaviors

Big dogs are not more turbulent than small ones. They know how to be discreet and do not bark more than their congeners with smaller dimensions. They are not less affectionate either. Large dogs are certainly dissuasive, but a good  education  can make them perfectly balanced life companions. It is a matter of educating them with firmness, but without violence or a balance of power.

Also make sure to get your dog used to the presence of children and other animals. The future behavior of your dog depends on the quality of education and socialization he receives.

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