Choose a male dog: Why prefer a male to a female?

Posted on October 18 2018

Choose a male dog: Why prefer a male to a female?

Choosing a dog is being seduced by a crush on a puppy or being convinced by the reason. In general, a breeder will advise beginners a female dog and for confirmed masters, a male dog. But these are just a priori.

What are the general characteristics of a male dog? What about play, hugs, dangers? Why choose a male dog rather than a female? From training to family life, go meet your best friend.

Male puppies make cute playmates

In general, in a litter, the funniest is a male. He is a little crazy, a fighter ... He is the one who is most attracted by your presence. He wants to play with you or chew you. In short, a male puppy is often very cute. Growing up, he will keep his player temperament , much more than a female who is more "reasoned".

Take care to supervise the games if you have children, because the male loves to play with them, but he is sometimes brutal, immoderate. It's part of dressage, of course. Know that accidents happen more with a male dog than with a female dog.


It is often said that male dogs are quite difficult to train because they are immature. Precisely, what made you crack at first is a brake on the education of your dog. Never mind ! Males are big greedy ! You will inevitably have them by giving them treats for reward.

As you train, reduce the treats so that your dog does not eat too many calories in relation to his body size.

Hormones, fights, runaways

Having a dog is the beginning of trouble. Certainly, it is a pleasure to raise his companion, but know that it is not easy! A male is full of hormones all the time. Having a male means having traces of urine everywhere in your garden. As soon as another male decides to do the same, both will open a territory contest.

The ensuing fights are an integral part of having a male dog. A male is a dominant animal . You can soften the dressage, but you can not erase the specificities of his sex.

Runaways at the time females in the neighborhood or farther away are in heat are also unavoidable. Your dog has the reproductive instinct!

The character

This is where males get the palm. A male dog will never refuse you cuddle or play sessions , where the females are more independent. Males have a constant character vis-à-vis their master.

The watchdog

When training your dog to make him responsible for your home, the male dog will appear to be quite suitable for this task. Very dedicated to his master and impressive build (depending on the breed), your male will make your home safe.

If the male dog can appear on some sides more shy than a female, he also seems more friendly, playful, sweet. Each dog is unique , male or female, the training that you will perform with him will be the key to his behavior. Be firm, but fair and your dog will become your best friend.

As for his hormonal problems, if you do not wish to reproduce, opt for sterilization as soon as possible and your male dog will be the perfect animal at your side.

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