Choose a medium sized dog for adopting?

Posted on October 07 2018

Choose a medium sized dog for adopting?

An average dog is usually assessed at a height of 30 to 60 cm at the withers. You have often heard that a medium sized dog is ideal for taking your first steps. Small dogs are often temperamental, and large dogs require a lot of space, maintenance and exercise. What about reality?

When choosing your best friend, you are wondering about the size of your favorite, depending on your taste, your home, the land you own, and his needs.

The house of an average dog

Choosing an average dog gives you the opportunity to live in an apartment or house with a small garden. Be careful, do not let your friend feel suffocated  by lack of space.

If he is too cramped, he may multiply the nonsense  despite his education. Chewing furniture and chairs, chewing shoes, urinating, barking. So many warning messages that your dog addresses you.

The food

The medium-sized dog will need an average amount of food, low in fats and sugars. Of course, this varies from one average dog breed to another and according to the sporting habits. For example, your schapendoes will not have the same needs if it walks 2 hours a day in the neighborhood with you or if it runs 5 hours daily while you run, bike, hunt or even if you throw it a toy.

The sport

Exactly, if you choose an average dog, it will have higher sports needs than a smaller dog. Know that you can do almost as much exercise as a large dog. Medium dogs adapt much more easily to the physical activity  of their master.

In any case, unless you have open ground, your dog will need at least 3 daily walks .

The game and the children

The average dog is the ideal playmate for children . He is well proportioned not to fear their clumsy assaults nor to crush them by his too big size. Be careful, never leave a child alone with your dog.

Choosing a dog, whatever its size, is not done lightly. Before you decide, take stock of what you can and can not do for your dog. Take the measure of how much time you can give it. Dogs of all breeds and sizes need your presence , but the bigger a dog is, the more he will demand you.

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