Choosing a necklace for your cat

Posted on January 02 2019

Choosing a necklace for your cat

You are afraid of losing your cat because his tattoo or his microchip is not seen enough. A necklace is often the case and can be reassured. However, there are several types on the market. Which one to choose ? Which privileged matter? We give you our advice for a better choice.

Why worry when your cat is outdoors? You can legitimately fear a little runaway. In general, however, your feline will remain wisely in your garden or the bounded field. He is often too attached to you to abandon you and risk adventure without knowing what he will find. But, in some cases, to relieve and reassure you , surrounding your cat's neck with a collar may be necessary.

The usefulness of a cat collar

If you buy a dog collar first to hang a leash, it's not the same goal for the cat. A cat collar is primarily used for identification . It will be easier for a stranger accidentally falling on your cat to return it to you. Indeed, it is possible to enter the name of your cat, the address of his home or the telephone number of his owners. Visually, in addition, your cat will act as a domestic cat and not a gutter cat. This does not favor its adoption by a family other than yours.

In addition, a necklace can also be a good way to hear your cat and see if you have chosen a bell model . It's not very discreet , but rather useful.

The different types of necklaces

There are several models of cat collar.
  • The bell necklace which, when you hear it, reassures you. Indeed, your cat will not be able to move without being noticed. It is as much an advantage as a disadvantage. In the street, if he has the habit of extricating himself from his home, he will not go unnoticed. Thus, it could attract other cats, some wandering and bad, to him. It could also scare off its prey if it is hunting.
  • The identification and / or fantasy collar . It's a simple necklace, without digital luggage or a bell. The collar is used primarily to identify your cat, through a phone number written on it, an address and the name of your pet. A more fanciful side can come out. Whether through a color or a pattern.
  • The GPS collar which, as its name suggests, is equipped with a real-time geolocation system . This allows you to always know where your cat is, when walking with or without him, when you are at work and at home. Keep a real eye on your hairball. Some GPS collars also send you a message if your cat goes out of a well defined perimeter. In order to let go of the eye screen from time to time.
  • The video collar . A truly digitalized necklace equipped with a video camera. These cameras are not very heavy and they can record for hours. Rather practical if you want to see life as your cat or just know the places frequented.

The different necklace materials

  • A leather collar that is highly recommended for its quality and longevity . It is just a little more expensive.
  • A nylon collar .
  • A fabric necklace .

The best choice

It is undoubtedly a leather collar , although more expensive. However, there are 2 aspects to consider for the cat collar. It must have a smart and secure closure . He must be able to unhook at the slightest pressure. This prevents your cat from strangling if he hangs his collar on a branch for example or any other object that could put his life in danger. Another method is a more elastic collar that gives your cat the chance to free himself from his collar. It is also advisable to opt for a collar with reflective strips , so there is less risk of being knocked over at night by a car, in case your cat would appreciate thenight outings.

Is the collar safe for your cat?

Taking all the precautions, no. Your cat's collar must never be able to endanger his life. It must be anti-strangling and comfortable to wear . It must not cause any allergic reaction. The necklace is first and foremost to reassure you.

In summary

There are 4 kinds of necklaces for your cat: bell, classic, GPS and video. Each time, it is possible to choose them in different materials such as leather, nylon and fabric. The collar must have an anti-strangulation system and a reflective tape. Avoid at all costs necklaces tying like a belt.

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