Choosing the best health insurance for your cat

Posted on December 17 2018

Choosing the best health insurance for your cat

Your cat's health has a cost. Especially if you have to deal with diseases that require specific interventions, such as surgeries or further examinations. To protect yourself against sometimes crazy expenses, you can subscribe to a health insurance. How? Which one to choose ? How much does it cost? Is it really necessary?

Health insurance for your cat is a bit like your mutual to you. The goal is that at the end of a medical procedure , you will be reimbursed in full , or almost. It all depends on the insurance in question.

What is health insurance for?

It can cover all or part of the veterinary costs of your cat. Everything will depend on the formula for which you have opted. For example, an economic insurance will ask you a less important monthly payment , but will be incomplete and will not cover all the interventions . Conversely, the more expensive you pay for insurance, the better coverage is guaranteed.

Some insurances will reimburse you for acts only up to 60%, others at 100%. Of course, a ceiling is usually defined upstream .

Be careful, health insurance for your cat should not be confused with a civil insurance . Unfortunately, the French are not all converted, by far, to these assurances that can be very useful . We are never immune to an unforeseen event , an accident or a serious illness that requires heavy medical expenses.

Can the vaccines be reimbursed?

If you opt for extensive insurance , it will definitely offer you the reimbursement of vaccines and recalls, to be done every year. Better, it will intervene entirely in the cases of a domestic accident or in the interviews . The annual visits of your cat to the health professional will be covered, as his identification for example. Conversely, more basic formulas cover only radios, operations or anesthesia.

How to buy insurance?

The Internet today makes it easier for you, the cat owner, and the insurers to get in touch . There are many and it is not always easy to see clearly. You can request free quotes . We advise you to compare many insurance and offers to see which one is the most likely to satisfy you. In addition, the fee may vary depending on the breed of your cat or his background . Some insurers also refuse to sign a new contract if your cat is too old.

Conditions to fulfill?

Insurance, as a whole, requires that your cat be at least 3 months old. It is also difficult to sign a first contract over a decade of life . Your cat must be identified and / or tattooed. It must be in relative good health.

Franchise and waiting period

Pay close attention to reading contracts with your insurance. It is mentioned, sometimes, franchises that can go from 0 € to more than 150 €. This is the rest due to pay out of pocket. Also take into account the annual reimbursement ceiling , which varies according to offers and insurance .

Deficiency delays are sometimes applied. For example, insurances immediately cover the costs of a consultation, while there is a waiting period of several days or weeks for hospitalizations.

In summary

Health insurance should not be confused with civil insurance. You must pay attention to several things before subscribing:
  • The terms of the contract.
  • Compare the insurances between them and the offers, but also what they cover.
  • Be well informed about a possible franchise and a waiting period.
  • You ensure any conditions of termination if the offer no longer suits you.

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