Choosing toys for your cat

Posted on December 13 2018

Choosing toys for your cat

Its fulfillment passes directly there. Toys are essential to your cat's beautiful life and reduce stress. You do not know which one to take in the proposed gargantuan offer? We help you make your choice and take the best.

Sleep, eat, groom and ... play! Your cat spends most of his time having fun . He needs to have some tools to blossom , de-stress , reduce boredom, and physically. It contributes above all to the socialization of your cat and strengthens the link between you.

Toys are accessible everywhere. In the pet store, at the local supermarket, on the internet too. So which ones to choose? Are there any dangerous for the health of your cat?

Toys to awaken the senses of your cat

Some toys allow the cat to eat while having fun, but also to reflect his brain. The Cat Activity Fun Board is a toy designed by Helena Dbaly . It meets all the criteria perfectly. Its different modules awaken all the senses of your animal. He will have to demonstrate dexterity, intelligence of play, flexibility to have the right to eat a treat.

Another toy in connection with food, the Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder , your cat will have to be patient to eat. He will have to search the 6 pipes where the food comes out and will not have the opportunity to cheat and take his ration from above by lifting the lid.

Finally, note the game Catit Design Senses that will also stimulate all the senses of your cat. He will have to chase a ball that moves in a semi-open circuit. The circuit can be enlarged at your leisure. Ideal to develop the hunting instinct of your cat.

Toys for physical exertion

You can make use of a simple laser . From your couch, or on a chair, or even standing up, project the laser light onto a wall, door, or floor. Your cat, player, will try to catch the point of light that you will move according to your desires. Fun for your cat, but also for you.

You can of course give him a ball or a mouse to hunt, but also a fishing rod. The latter has a feather at its end. Your cat will appreciate it and try to catch it. There is enough to occupy it for hours.

Toys for hiding

In particular a toy: the tunnel . Your cat is an animal that particularly likes to hide and observe. Buy him a tunnel. He will be able to pass in, but also to rest incidentally.

Toys to help him make his claws

Your cat tends to scratch a little everything he can. Sometimes your furniture takes for their expense, your couch too. You can buy a toy that allows your cat to scratch. So, do not hesitate to install the very famous cat tree . It's a bit of the base of his fun. The tree also allows your cat to hide. Or, prefer the scratcher.

Precautions to take?

It is recommended to always be attentive to your cat while playing. Never leave it alone. If the risk of injury is minimal, it does exist.

In the event that your cat's toy is damaged or simply broken and worn , you must change it . In the opposite case, your cat may ingest some pieces, and this represents a risk to his health.

Last precaution, your cat should not scratch or bite you during a game. If so, then it will stop immediately to play, and make him understand by a "no" distinct.

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