Clean the ears of your dog

Posted on October 08 2018

Clean the ears of your dog

This is an easy, quick and useful gesture for the hygiene and health of the dog, especially in breeds with predispositions to diseases of the ear. The cleaning of the latter is to be done regularly and with the right products.

The ear cleaning dog is a measure of hygiene and prevention of great importance, but many owners still tend to overlook it. However, this simple and fast action allows many inconveniences and affections. Realized regularly, it ensures the dog cleanliness and protection. He should be used to it from an early age to prevent him from perceiving this treatment as an unpleasant experience . Why clean his dog's ears and how to proceed? Here are some tips that can help you.

Prevent diseases of the ear

If they are neglected, the dog's ears can quickly accumulate large concentrations of impurities  : dust, plant debris, cerumen , etc. These promote the development of bacteria, which can lead to more or less serious infections and diseases . Uncleaned and uncleaned ears are also niches for external parasites such as ticks .

The ears should therefore be cleaned regularly in all dogs, but some are even more exposed than others to various conditions. There are, indeed, races having predisposition to ear infections repeatedly, like large floppy ears ( Cockers , Spaniels ), leads to long hearing ( German Shepherds ) to abundant hair at the base of the ear ( Poodles , Bichons ...), secretion of cerumen ( Labradors , Springers ...) and tortuous auditory canal ( Chow Chow , Shar-Pei).

Other breeds are, in turn, especially prone to atopic dermatitis may affect the ears, like the Beauceron , the Bulldog francai s , the Boxer , the Cairn Terrier , the Chihuahua , the English Bulldog , the Setter or still Yorkshire Terrier .

This does not mean that other breeds are not affected by these problems at all, but simply that the varieties mentioned are more likely to suffer because of the anatomy of their ears and their genetic makeup.

To know before proceeding with the cleaning

In order for the cleaning of the dog's ears to be effective , it is important to know which aspects are essential.

Starting with the cleaning product to use, which must be a specific ear lotion for dogs. For the application of this product, rather than using a cotton swab, it would be better to use a piece of cotton . The cotton swab is of no use because the ear canal is bent . It can even contribute to aggravating the problem, as it tends to repel dirt to the bottom. Nevertheless, it can be used for cleaning the outer part of the ear.

As for the frequency of cleaning, it is advisable to do it once a week in dogs with falling ears and once or twice a month  in others. The inspection of the ears must be even more regular.

How to clean his ears?

Here are the steps to follow for effective ear cleaning:
  • Pull the ear and hold it firmly (without hurting the dog) so as to clear the cavities.
  • Pour a drop of the ear lotion (held vertically for dogs with falling ears) at the bottom of the ear.
  • Squeeze the base of the ear slightly and massage it so that the lotion penetrates and dissolves the impurities.
  • Introduce a piece of cotton at the bottom of the ear then massage again so that the product and the dirt adhere to it. By massaging, the cotton will rise slightly, which will facilitate its extraction.
Remove the cotton and clean the outer part of the ear with a cotton swab.

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