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Common allergies of the dog

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Posted on October 08 2018

Insect bites, toxic substances and foods with allergens cause allergic manifestations of various intensities and forms in some dogs.

Some people are allergic to various types of substances. The allergies can declare to the skin or internally, especially in the digestive system. This is also the case in the canine gent. Many dogs are affected by this phenomenon and suffer more or less severely. The reactions can be very embarrassing , disrupting the daily lives of the dogs concerned.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is, in a way, a disproportionate response of the immune system to a given agent coming into contact with the body. The problem agent is called an allergen .

An allergen can be of different types. It may, in fact, be organic substances such as flea saliva, pollen, dust or mites (often worn by them). Like humans, dogs can develop allergies to one or more of these allergens. The mechanism is much the same, with the appearance of symptoms such as redness, itching or inflammation when it comes to skin allergies, for example.

The dog's allergy can not be cured, but the reactions caused by the allergens can be alleviated and the animal's body can be further protected from these allergic manifestations.

What are the types of allergies that concern dogs?

There are four main types of allergies in dogs.

  • Atopy: this type of allergy is an allergic predisposition to a given agent. In most cases, the offending allergen is a pneumallergen , which means that it is inhaled by the animal. It can be mites, pollen or dander.
  • The FAD: the Dermatitis for flea allergy is a form of allergy most common . Being bitten by fleas, he experiences an allergic reaction triggered by saliva from external parasites. The quilted area may then blush or swell.
  • Contact allergy: This is not an allergic reaction per se, but the body reacts quite similarly to substances such as plastic particles, paint or concrete, or the products household. Redness, itching and flaking can be observed in areas of the body that come into direct contact with these elements.
  • Food allergy: it is the fact of trophallergens , allergenic agents present in the food consumed by dogs. In general, when the animal is allergic to any of the offending foods, it begins to vomit or is subject to severe diarrhea.

What to do in case of allergies in dogs?

In case of allergy caused by a flea bite or any other insect, the first thing to do is to clean the affected area. If it is a bee attack and the sting remains in the skin of the dog, it must be removed with the help of tweezers. If the allergic reaction is important, with a large infected area, it is recommended to take the dog as soon as possible to the veterinarian so that he can administer an anti-inflammatory .

In cases of food allergy, one must try to determine the food in question . Once the ingredient is suspected of containing an identified trophallergen, it will not be returned to the dog in the future. At the same time, the veterinarian may prescribe treatment that acts on the symptoms, such as anti- emetics against vomiting and diarrhea against diarrhea.

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