Dangerous foods for your dog

Posted on September 12 2018

Dangerous foods for your dog
Usually, we think to please dogs with a small piece of chocolate or just a bone. And yet, the dog has his own needs and it can be dangerous to give anything to your pet. Discover the 5 dangerous foods for your dog here.

5 Dangerous food for the dog

Sugar :
  • Chocolate

It contains a potentially lethal substance: theobromine . Depending on the type of chocolate, the concentration is different. The dog can put up to 18h to eliminate it, resulting in a cumulative effect, even in small doses. Chocolate can cause disorders of the nervous and cardio respiratory system.

  • The grape :
The reason for the toxicity of the grapes is not known to date. However, as early as 4g / kg body weight, your dog is at risk of acute kidney failure.

The dirty :
  • Cat food
The dog does not have the same needs as the cat. Cat food is richer in fat, more protein and therefore harder to digest for a dog. The poisoning is not fatal, but to avoid malnutrition or problems of obesity, it is essential to provide a suitable diet for your companion.dog bone
  • The bones cooked :

Contrary to popular belief, bones can be dangerous for your dog. Once cooked, they become brittle and can damage your pet's digestive system. It is possible, however, to give your dog a big fresh bones coming directly from your butcher.

  • Onions

Watch out for the onions! Even cooked, the onion is toxic for your pet. The sulfur components in the onion destroy the red blood cells and cause anemia.

Signs and symptoms of intoxication:
The most common symptoms in case of dog poisoning  include vomiting, salivation and breathing difficulties. Excessive fatigue or apathy may reflect intoxication.

If you have a doubt, it is best to seek advice from your veterinarian before giving a new food to your pet.

There are now training to learn first aid gestures and know how to react to all situations.

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