Do dogs have snot?

Posted on May 07 2018

Do dogs have snot?

The nose is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a dog. Not only does it come in all shapes and sizes, but it also plays a key role in shaping the global personality of a race. But this high powered tool sometimes get filled with snot like the nose of a human being?

The short answer to the question is mucus yes- a dog can get snot. To better understand this, it is important to keep in mind what makes these nuggets curious. This means that it is advisable to take a closer look at the nasal discharge of a dog.

Nasal discharge from a dog can occur for several reasons, ranging from the relatively innocuous to the severe. In the more moderate end of the spectrum, which could occur as a result of a canine get something like a blade of grass stuck in your sniffer. The discharge provides a vital aid in the elimination of this type of things since a dog is unable to reach the nose and remove a foreign object.

At the other extreme, nasal discharge may indicate a number of serious problems. Some discharges are symptomatic of the larger diseases that are usually managed by vaccination, such as distemper or cough from kennels. It could also be an indicator of a more serious foreign object inside the nose, like a deadly organism.

The nasal discharge can also be an indicator that your dog has a cold. While a canine cold is not transmissible to humans (or vice versa), the symptoms that a dog can feel are quite similar to what we experience. This includes a runny nose, along with other familiar things like watery eyes, sneezing and coughing.

How can I know what is the cause of my nasal discharge dog?

Obviously, your dog will not be able to tell you what is going on with your snout or your health. However, like most health problems related to canines, there are several signs that can be sought to help you determine what type of problem may be underway. In the case of nasal discharge, it is about examining what is leaking from your partner's nose.

The first step in the exam is to clean your dog's nose and observe the flow of the discharge. If the material is just oozing from a nostril and / or if it is going to come out at a rapid pace, chances are there is a minor problem on your hands such as a cold or an insignificant foreign object. While you should run to the vet if the discharge persists for more than a day, that is not a huge red flag.

If the discharge comes from both nostrils and has a consistency that is creamy, thick, or gelatinous, your dog may have to have something more pressing. This is also the case the discharge is yellow, green, gray, or bloody. If this is the case, set up an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Taking that trip to the vet

In short, your veterinarian will be able to take a look at your dog's nose in a way that you can not. He or she will have the tools to look for a wide range of things that could potentially have a very negative effect on the overall health of your dog. Some of these options can be parasites, bacterial organisms, or even cancerous polyps.

If your dog is lagging behind in any vaccination boosters, a trip to the vet will remedy this problem. Remember, some diseases that include nasal discharge as a symptom such as distemper can be controlled by vaccines. Making sure that your dog's vaccines are up to date should always be the first step to getting your dog on the road to well-being.

From there, the type of treatment your dog will receive greatly depends on the source of the nasal discharge. If it is a simple matter, a recipe for antibiotics can do the trick. If it is something more serious, a much more intense plan can be deployed.

Whatever the problem may be, it is important to recognize that the "snot" of a dog is something that is worthy of observation. Taking a look at your four-legged friend's nasal discharge is certainly a rough job. However, doing so could make a big difference to your dog's overall health.

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