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Do you carry your dog safely in the car?

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Posted on May 24 2018

The most comfortable means of transport for our dog is the car, since we are in contact with him at all times and, if anything happened, we could stop the vehicle and attend to it instantly.

Taking our dog is fun for both. Safety is vital to avoid accidents, as well as preparing everything you need so that the trip is not a nightmare.

It is important that you take into account the following:

  • The size of your dog and your car
  • The duration of the trip.
  • The character of your dog.
  • If it gets easily dizzy.
  • Accessories needed for the trip .
  • If you go alone or with your family.
  • It is important to know that the dog is obliged to be well insured:

On a conveyor only if your dog is small.

A space separated from the driver, delimited by a folding metal barrier, or mesh barrier adaptable to all types of vehicles.

It can also be tied with a safety harness for specialized dog vehicles. It is very useful for short trips, but over long distances the dog will be uncomfortable, since it does not allow much freedom of movement.

WOPET Pet Car Seat Carrier


During the trip

Always have a window open at a distance where your dog can lean out, but that does not allow him to leave more to avoid an accident.

If the trip is long, you have stops for your dog to stretch its legs and go to the bathroom. If your hairy starts to get dizzy, try to slow down as much as possible to calm the discomfort.

After the trip

Your dog needs to relax. When you reach your final destination, take him to the bathroom and assign him a space where he can rest.

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