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Do you know if your dog dreams?

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Posted on July 08 2018

Have you noticed that your dog moves its legs even though its eyes are closed? Is your breathing stronger? Do you hear him moan and even cry? Exactly, your little hair is dreaming.

What do dogs dream?
Generally speaking, dogs dream of activities they perform during the day on a constant basis. But not all dogs have the same types of sleep.

For example, small dogs usually dream more than larger dogs. While large dogs dream once every 90 minutes of sleep, small dogs dream once every 10 minutes of sleep. Puppies tend to dream more than adults, probably because of the learning experiences they have during their growth. At night, while they sleep, everything they learned during the day begins to be processed and the subconscious tries to recreate the day's activities through dreams.

How to know if my dog ​​is dreaming?

When dogs enter a state of deep sleep (REM cycle) their breathing becomes irregular, their eyes move quickly (still closed) and they even have some involuntary movements that are related to what they are dreaming about.

There are times when they even moan or cry and move their legs as if they were running, their noses sniff as if they were looking for something and their breathing increases rapidly or they hold their breath for short periods.

What evidence is there that a dog can dream?

In 2001, scientists from the Learning and Memory Center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted comparative tests between the human brain and the dog's brain. The brainstem of the human brain is responsible for preventing them from acting in their dreams. Scientists deactivated this part in dogs, which caused them to start doing things like dig imaginary holes and try to chase birds or cats.

It is enough that you observe your dog during the next 20 minutes after falling asleep, if you notice movements or sounds that you emit you can bet that your little hair is having some adventure in his dreams.

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