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Do you know if your dog is dehydrated or overhydrated?

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Posted on May 20 2018

Although most dogs drink the amount of water necessary by nature, there are others who drink more than they need and others who drink less.

Drinking a lot of water can cause inflammation in the stomach, imbalance in electrolytes and even hypoanatremia ( which is a decrease in the amount of sodium in the blood ). On the other hand, drinking too little water can lead dogs to dehydration , kidney stones and faults in some organs that can be fatal to them.

How to identify dehydration or overhydration in your dog?

To identify if your dog is dehydrated: check your gums. If your dog drinks enough water your gums will be wet and slippery, otherwise they will be sticky.

Your puppy's mouth is usually wet, if you notice that it is dry it is also a sign of dehydration.

Another tip to check if your dog is dehydrated is to stretch the skin on the back of your dog's neck a little and let go. If your dog is hydrated correctly, your skin will quickly return to its place. If your dog is dehydrated it will take longer to return the skin to its place.

In the case of overhitration, the effects on your puppy may be vomiting, confusion or even lethargy.

How do I make sure my puppy drinks enough water?

Depending on whether your dog is dehydrated or overhydrated, you can make your water intake the correct one in a simple way.

If your dog is dehydrated ...

Modify your behavior : Every time your dog drinks water, be sure to reward him with a prize so that he understands that it is okay to drink water.

Sprue location : Be sure to place your sprue near your bed, your food, or any other place you think is time consuming.

Give it flavor : If your dog refuses to drink water, you can try giving him broth of chicken without fat so that it has pleasant flavor. Gradually add more water to the broth.

If your dog is overhydrated ...

Automate water consumption : Try using automatic drinkers, these drinkers are programmed to provide water to your dog in the quantities it requires.

Canteen : The canteens are excellent for an overhydrated dog because with them you can moderate the amount of water you give.

Refills Free : An option so that your dog does not drink more is to serve him water little by little; that is to say, it is better to go serving him in his plate little by little and to go filling his plate every determined time and not to fill the plate him always.

To ensure that your dog is healthy it is important to provide a healthy diet and the right amount of clean water.

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