Does my dog need a house?

Posted on April 11 2018

Does my dog need a house?

When we bring a new puppy or adult dog home, we usually think about buying a necklace, a plaque, a leash, a toy, some dishes and a bed. Although all these accessories are basic , we often leave a dog house off the list .

It is usually the owners who plan to make their dogs sleep outside the home, the only ones who come to consider the acquisition of a dog house.

We do NOT recommend that dogs sleep outside the home , as they are not only exposed to inclement weather, but because they do not live inside the house they lose a fundamental part of family life (or in a herd, if we consider from their point of view) and this is necessary given the social nature of dogs (just like humans).

However, it is important to know that dog houses not only serve dogs that live outside the home, but have other uses.

There is a theory that wild dogs tend to make burrows or underground "nests" to keep their young safe and that, therefore, a doghouse , carrier or cage can be a substitute for this security space.

This means that the dog will feel comfortable there , so it can be used with a space to sleep or to be at some times of the day, if you want to prevent the dog from having access to some areas of the house.

In addition, there is a type of training called 'crate training' which is based on the use of these spaces to help the dogs to pee or poop in place, as the instinct of your dog will tell you not to go to the bathroom in the same place where he sleeps (although there are exceptions).

On the other hand, a house for dogs is usually a useful tool when you leave a few hours from home and prefer to leave your dog in the garden . This ensures that you have your own space in which you can sleep peacefully and can be protected in the event of rain or cold. If you choose this alternative, do not forget that the house must be placed in a shady place, it must be clean and dry and it must have a bed where your dog can lie down comfortably. In addition, you should always have access to clean, fresh water.

You can also have it inside the house to be the place where your dog sleeps . This is a way to have a much more aesthetic space for your dog, because the houses are usually more beautiful than the transporters or kennels.

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