Does your dog have too much energy? 5 Tips to calm it down

Posted on July 09 2018

Does your dog have too much energy? 5 Tips to calm it down

All peluditos are born in a similar way, but some tend to be more full of energy than others, which can in some cases be a little complicated to deal with especially if you do not know what to do. The main cause of this is lack of stimulation or boredom.

That's why today we bring 5 Tips to calm your dog full of energy.

1. Exercise : Your dog needs to exercise to release the accumulated energy. You can ride a bicycle with it with the help of a bike strap or an agility kit . It is not necessary to exercise it too much, it is enough to dedicate 30 minutes a day to get your energy stabilized.

2. Training : From the basic commands to obedience commands, training your dog is a way for the accumulated energy to come out little by little. Also, by learning new skills, you exercise your brain.

3. Play session with another dog : No doubt your dog has fun being with you, but there is nothing better to release the energy than playing with another dog. This is because with the other dog you can play things that you do not and you can follow the same rhythm.

4. Fill it with toys : All toys can help your dog, but there are two kinds of toys that will help you even more: Interactive toys, these toys stimulate your dog's brain while (usually) trying to get rewards from his inside. There are also indestructible toys , these toys are for biting and are made of virtually indestructible materials that will keep your dog entertained for hours.

5. Thundershirt : We have already spoken on other occasions of the wonder of this shirt. By means of slight pressures it makes your dog calm down gradually controlling his overflowing energy.

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