Doing a physical activity with your dog

Posted on October 08 2018

Doing a physical activity with your dog

Playing sports to maintain good health is good! Doing it with your dog is better! Whatever your dog's breed, he needs physical activity to avoid the risk of overweight and the health problems that result. In addition, it increases his life expectancy.

But do not do anything. It is advisable to choose exercises adapted to the size, the race, the form and the age of your dog. Another parameter to take into account: check your possibilities in terms of place of residence, availability, physical skills and work habits.

Another advantage, it will consolidate the trust and complicity between you and your dog. So, do not wait any longer!

Some indications before starting

Above all, do not forget to ask your veterinarian for advice before starting a sports activity. It will evaluate if there is no contraindication and will provide you with personalized advice to you and your dog on sports advised or proscribed .

If you start the sport with a puppy , keep it on a leash so that it gradually gets used to the public environment. In general, do not be too demanding on the exercises and especially the jumps, because until the age of 8 or 10 months the joints are still fragile.

Do not give him his meal just before it is spent and even after (1 hour of beat approximately), at the risk of causing him digestive disorders.

You are his master, but also the sports coach of your dog ...

The walk can be a good way to start a physical activity. All elements and objects encountered in your walking environment can be used as a pretext for play and physical activity . For example :

  • walk and jump along a small ravine
  • perform a hike with an improved route between rocks and trees
  • climb stairs
  • run in a public park and play with a tree branch

And the list can be completed by you and according to your environment.

Beyond the walk, dogs need as men to spend to keep fit . Do not hesitate to take your companion to a park or the country at least once a week for a sportier and more eventful outing than the traditional walk. On the menu, several possibilities: running, jumping natural obstacles (tree trunks, stones, etc.), swimming in summer ...

The different sports activities for dogs

There are specialized dog training and education clubs throughout France. These associations are a good way to play sports for your dog. The activities are very specific and well targeted for your dog. Here is a list of the most common ones:
  • The agility : obstacle course in which you guide your dog.
  • The obedience : different training exercises where the conspiracy and complicity between master and dog are put to use
  • The cani-cross or cani-vtt : duet race. You and your dog are connected by a lanyard, on foot or by mountain bike.
  • The fly-ball : game of skill to catch an object.
Of course, you will be able to obtain more information on the proposed sports from the associations or federations of your region. Know that all these activities are open to beginners and experienced and they are many fans in France.

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