Do's and don'ts to ride a bike with your dog

Posted on April 16 2018

Do's and don'ts to ride a bike with your dog

The bikes are increasingly popular among people to go to work, to school or to go anywhere else. With this growing trend, it is important to know how your dog can accompany you as this will be the main means of transportation for many of us in the not too distant future.

It is becoming more difficult to park, gasoline is more expensive, the pollution grows every day, so the reasons for using a bicycle are getting more and more.

These are the do's and don'ts to take your dog on a bike:


Take your dog in a trailer on the bicycle.

If your dog is medium or large or you have more than one dog, a bicycle trailer is the best option. They are safe and will also help you to do a little extra leg because you have to pull the weight of the trailer, but in a couple of walks you get used to it. Here you can get trailers and adapters to put them on your bike.

Small dogs can go in a basket on the bicycle steering wheel.

If you have a small dog, you can take it in a special basket in front of the bike . These baskets are made especially for dogs and they are very sophisticated, they even have roof for the sun. It is important that your dog gets used to using them and riding a bike with you to avoid being scared and wanting to jump. When you get off the bike, the basket has a strap that makes it become a hand conveyor for your dog.

Pay attention to your safety and that of your dog at all times.

Remember that riding a bike also has its dangers, especially in cities where motorists are not yet used to sharing the streets. Do not forget your helmet, be careful with the turns and always take care that you and your dog are safe to avoid accidents.

Obey traffic signals.

More and more cities have lanes designated for cyclists. With more bikes on the streets, it is important to know the traffic rules that apply to cyclists and follow them to the letter. Obey the signs to avoid that you and your dog come out damaged, learn the hand signals to warn that you are going to turn, do not walk in the opposite direction and take care of pedestrians.

Check that your bike and your dog's space are in perfect condition before leaving.

As you do with a car, check that the tires have air, that the trailer or basket are tight. Check your lamp, take your padlock and your helmet, put a reflective strip on your bike. Better safe than sorry.


Do not force your dog to run on a leash while you ride a bicycle.

Many people believe that an excellent way to exercise the dog is to ride a bike with the dog on a leash running with them. This is a do not. There are few dogs that can be masters in the art of running next to a bike and even so, the risks are many. First, the dog can pull and pull you, the dog can get tired of more, you can hurt your legs and if you pull a lot, it can be difficult to breathe. If you want your dog to run, run with him, he will do you a lot of good.

Do not take your dog without a leash running behind the bicycle in the streets.

If in your large estate there are complete fenced acres where you can walk freely by bike while your dog chases you without risk of being run over perfectly. However, on the street you should never bring your dog without a leash, no matter how much you trust him. And if you bike less, it's dangerous for you and for him.

Do not carry your dog in your arms.

To ride a bike you need two hands and a lot of attention to the front. Please do not carry your dog in your arms, it is dangerous and uncomfortable for him and very complicated and dangerous for you too.

Do not take your dog in the diablitos or in any other tube of the bike.

Over there we have seen a video of a dog that walks in the diablitos of its owner's bike. Please do not try to have your dog do the same.

Do not leave it tied with everything and the bike.

Avoid that your dog is stolen or that it remains hours under the sun waiting for you. Your dog is not a thing you can park while doing something. While there are those who leave 3 minutes in what they go to the store and do not take their eyes off, there are those who tie them outside the cafe while they write a book. Be cautious and cautious.

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