Ensuring good digestion to your dog: a proper diet

Posted on October 19 2018

Ensuring good digestion to your dog: a proper diet

Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, the balanced diet is very important, but also fragile. Thus, changing the diet of your dog too quickly can disturb his digestion.

Any change in food must be progressive ...

Give leftovers of your meal, change kibble or dog pie suddenly because there was more the usual pattern in store represent a very big mistake . All this can cause itching on the hindquarters or even diarrhea.

Take care to change the diet of your dog gently. Over a period of 7 days , gradually change the proportions of the old food to replace them with the new one each day. By the 7th day, the new food must compose the entire meal.

Be even more careful with the big breeds

The large breeds may experience additional problems when you change their diet. Indeed, large dogs have the characteristic of having feces of less good quality than small dogs.

The explanation lies in the fact that the digestive tract of large breeds is naturally longer than that of small dogs. Thus, foods need more time to cross and be digested. Consequence: your (large) companion is longer exposed to bacteria that cause fermentation.

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