Exercises for basic education in your pet

Posted on March 31 2018

Exercises for basic education in your pet

Children and adolescents can not control their impulses, for this reason a two-year-old child makes a show when he does not get what he wants and a 16-year-old adolescent spends all day on the cell phone "texting". The ability to control your impulses is not something you are born with, it is rather a behavior that you learn at home over time , in fact it does not happen only to humans.

Adolescence in dogs starts from 6 months to 2.5 - 3 years, an age in the are in the middle of impulse stage, it is much harder for a teenage dog to avoid going after fun and delicious smells. Add to this the hormonal changes that are happening in your body that sometimes you will come to think that your puppy was replaced by a little monster.

We know there is no cure for adolescence, but dogs can learn to control their impulses just like us.

1. "Sit"
Ask your dog to sit

  • Take a toy or plate of food in one hand and begin to slowly lower it towards your dog. If your dog stops (or jumps), immediately hide the plate behind you.
  • Ask him to sit down or lie down one more time and start lowering the plate again.
  • Repeat until you reach your height without moving.

Once the goal is achieved, let him know that he can take it (add "very well" as congratulations so he knows what to do and be his "green light") and allow him a bit of fun.

2. Greeting
To teach him to say hello, he must have mastered the "sit" or "lie down" command perfectly.

  • Using a "happy" voice, get your dog's attention and start walking toward him. If you start to get too excited (jump or bark), stop and go back two steps.
  • Call his attention again (you could ask him to "sit" again), when you have his full attention he starts to approach you again.
  • Repeat until you can reach it with your legs firmly planted on the floor.

The prize is to greet and caress him, you do not need prizes.

3. Wait
The car door is a "fun portal" but behind it, the danger waits ... A simple "wait" order can prevent your dog from being thrown out into traffic.

  • Stop outside your car, ask your dog to wait and slowly start to open the car door. If your dog starts moving toward you, close the door immediately.
  • Wait 15 seconds, try again.

The purpose here is to get your dog to wait behind the door until you have opened it completely and let him know when it is safe to come out with a word like "forward" , "ready" , "low" . Your dog will learn that when he is too impatient he will not be able to get off the car. When you are calm and paying attention to your orders, your reward will be to go down and go explore the world.

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