Explain and help of heart worms in dogs

Posted on May 22 2018

Explain and help of heart worms in dogs

Once an ailment mostly targeting dogs in hot and humid areas or those who spent a lot of time in the forest, heartworm disease is becoming a dangerous threat to offspring all over the world - or in any place that mosquitoes are present. In this article by Shanna Freeman of Animal Planet, you will learn how heartworms, one of the deadliest of parasites that are harmful to dogs, can affect the health of your dog .

Explain and help of heart worms in dogs.

When a dog is bitten by a mosquito infected with larvae of the heartworm, the larva enters its skin and begins its life cycle, eventually riding through the bloodstream of the dog to the right side of the heart, as well as the lungs and the surrounding blood vessels. It takes about seven months for the worm to mature. If not detected, the growing population of adult worms can create a mass that blocks blood flow and eventually causes organ failure. Adult worms also reproduce and produce offspring called microfilariae. They circulate in the dog's blood, and can be sucked out by a mosquito that bites him. Within a few weeks, the microfilariae develop into infective larvae. The next time the mosquito bites another dog.

A dog may be infested with the parasite for many years without showing signs of infection. One of the first symptoms associated with a heartworm infection is a low cough that gets worse when the dog is more active or exerting itself. If left untreated, heartworm infection leads to lethargy, weight loss, and even coughing up blood. Finally, in the later stages of the disease, dogs can enter congestive heart failure and may die.

The good news is that heartworm infestations are totally preventable. Your veterinarian can recommend a preventative - usually a monthly chewable pill - to give your dog so that you will never have to worry about this deadly disease. Heartworm infestations are diagnosed through a blood test, and treatment for a true case of heartworms is very stressful. It consists of several painful arsenic-based injections, which kill and break the adult worms into small pieces. A treatment of the dog's heartworm to undergo should be kept confined and quiet, because these pieces of worms can block the vessels during strenuous exercise and the cause of death.

When it comes to your dog's health , especially with heartworms , prevention is the key. Talk to your veterinarian about your options to protect your best friend - which could be as simple as once a month. tasty chew that thinks your dog is another treat. Very often, once the symptoms of the heartworm are visible and evident, a large amount of damage is already done and may not be reversible.

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